Hunger Games and Establishment Senate Candidates in 2014

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In 2012 an establishment Senate candidate considered a prohibitive favorite to win reelection was primaried in Indiana. The establishment rarely loses and can be sore losers on these rare occasions. Conventional wisdom says the Indiana Republicans did a terrible thing in their primary. Some of us disagree with this conventional wisdom. When enough voters reach the conclusion that the one they have been sending back to DC for years is just not serving them and their needs anymore they stop voting for him. This seems about right.

This week a Rush monologue addressed the nature of the establishment Republican, and it really also applies to establishment politicians from both parties.

But let me explain in detail the difference here between you and me as conservative Republican citizens and them as professional Republican executives and officeholders. The big difference between you and me and the Republican Party and its leaders and consultants and pollsters is that they need to stay in control of the party. They want the power and whatever else that comes along with controlling the party. And so that is their focus.

Their bread and butter is not ideas. Their bread and butter is not issues, not really, not at the end of the day. Their bread and butter is the power structure of the party and them remaining in it. Now, you and I are not part of that. You and I are not part of the Republican Party power structure or the business of the Republican Party, that system. We are registered Republican voters. We’re motivated by a belief system and principles and ideas. That’s what we think the Republican Party is. But the executives in power in the Republican Party are motivated by retaining that power, either being reelected or maintaining leadership position here at the committee or whatever it is.

It’s not that we’re at cross purposes per se; it is that what we hope happens with the party is much different than what they hope. ‘Cause with them it’s their job, with them it’s their personal existence, it’s their power, it’s their access. To us it’s ideas and principles. So when it comes time for people to vote on whether or not they get to stay in power, then they will say things that they think we who are into ideas and principles want to hear so that we will think they are one of us. They do that.

How many of you have called me and complained about, “Gosh, you know, these guys, they campaign as conservatives, they get to Washington and they don’t govern that way.” Well, this is largely why. And the leadership in any organization, not just the Republican Party, tells new arrivals how they’re gonna behave if they want to stay there, and basically you’ve gotta be devoted to us. You have to follow our requests and demands and stay in our good graces and you can stay here. It’s like any other organization. It’s like your high school clique. It’s like your football team. You have to do what you have to do to stay at the top of it.

The politicians in the movie Hunger Games are not that different from the establishment politicians in DC, and the slogan ‘May the odds be ever in your favor’ applies. In this piece are photo of a political character from the movie beside an establishment Senate candidate in 2014. Some may not appreciate including 5 Republicans and only 3 Democrats. A major reasons for this are the announced retirements of 6 Democrats. All have already been elected three or more times to their Senate seat, and five are older than 70. The moviemaker could have saved money by hiring these establishment politicians for these roles, except their political consultants wouldn’t let them do it.

President Snow
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell







Caesar Flickerman
Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin






Haymitch Abernathy


Senator James Inhofe


Effie Trinket


Senator Susan Collins







Claudius Templesmith


Senator Thad Cochran








Seneca Crane


Senator Jack Reed










Senator Michael Enzi










Senator Mary Landrieu








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