You’re Either With Us or You’re An Idiot

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I’d love to take credit for this, but I cannot. A friend and coworker Joe (not the plumber, a different Joe) wrote this and I had to share. Watch the video clip below to see what prompted this.

Weird. Once again, the hypocrisy of the left rears it’s head. So now it would appear that Dr. Ben Carson, a self-made man with an AMAZING story and who has spent his entire adult life helping others and saving lives, is a “monster” because he does not agree with Barack Obama and his policies. Furthermore, he should “…go back to the hospital and stay there…” rather than share his opinions with the Nation when asked. His crime? He’s a black man who happens to be an outspoken conservative.

So, it’s okay for Jamie Foxx to talk about killing white people and call Obama “our lord and savior”, it’s perfectly acceptable for Reverend Doctor Pastor Father (just wondering how many more titles the guy can have) Luis Leon to state that the “…religious right…want blacks in the back of the bus, women in the kitchen, immigrants back on their side of the border…”, the media hardly blinked as Susan Rice told the world that the Benghazi attacks were a spontaneous protest gone bad and that “..everything that could be done was done to help…” our fellow Americans under attack, but the idea that a conservative black man should be against the redefining of the word marriage – NOT against gays having equal rights in their partnerships protected by law, mind you, simply not redefining the term “marriage” and all of a sudden he is a monster, the scum of the earth and subject to open and virulent attack by liberals across the board.

Once again, you have the right to free speech and to your opinion…..unless that opinion runs afoul of the those on the left. At that point, you should shut up, because you’re an idiot.

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  1. gatorbait51 says

    Leo, why are you such an intolerant, racist peckerwood?

  2. $18476877 says

    What a dipstick, Hannity created Dr. Carson? OMG.

  3. RacerJim says

    Typical elitist liberal/progressive double-standard hypocrisy.

  4. jamohio says

    I’m proud to say that I’m an idiot then!! Right along with the majority of this country!!

  5. Imarkex says

    If the Tea Party candidates can force the Democrats to run against America’s Fundamental Founding Principles the Debates could be quite interesting. It is clear to me the Democrats intend to Fundamentally Transform America. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution are America’s Fundamentals.

  6. Imarkex says

    A few new Constitutional Conservative American Patriots can make a huge difference in the Destiny of America. The Tea Party mission is to bring as many Constitutional Conservative American Patriots to our Government as we possibly can in 2014. 16 Tea Party Constitutional Conservative American Patriot Senate seats would be sweet.

  7. stephanie wilson says


    1. jstarusa says

      I can answer that in one word! YES!

      1. stephanie wilson says


  8. goyaathle says

    Every single politician should be recalled and sent home with no lifetime salary or medical. We need to clean house at the state level as well as the Federal level and only elect people to serve for two years and then they can go home and go back to work. What is destroying this country are these lifetime politicians who once elected feel that they are now so much wiser than We The People.

  9. Pamelia Marie Cataldi says

    In other words….”GO BACK TO THE PLANTATION BENJAMIN”! Leo is a complete utterly devastating Failed example of the Civil Rights Movement! Leo is still a SLAVE in his own mind along with most Liberal non thinking fools.

  10. verbracity says

    This guy acts out the typical liberal response. He is more animated and verbose, but it’s really the same as most of them.
    He ignores the things he doesn’t want to answer. He diverts with accusations and lies.
    And ends with “Shut up” he explained.

  11. MN_in_CA says

    the problem is that there are so few people that have the ability to critically think their way through a discussion or argument and have to resort to hysterics to try and have their feelings soothed by others buckling to their point of view (e.g. Feinstein vs. Cruz)
    I see the same gullible actions when people voted for BHO after all of the serious concerns about his eligibility, his true name, his voting record, his militant criminal associations came to light. Not once but twice! Because ‘any change is good’ – stupid people can be led to believe that the faint fog of an idea is better than the concrete ground they currently stand on.

    1. mtman2 says

      “Well”,the “ground they stand on” is dirt, + can grow food crops, trees, flowers even truffles, these people U speak of can’t grow anything that useful; so must be ‘dumber than dirt’.

  12. Phillipe Violette says

    What else can they do/say about people that love their God and their country Can’t we get together and get rid of these oppressors?

  13. websmith says

    Walmart is paying $10 n hour in California. Where can you live for $10 an hour? They are taking advantage of the bad economy and the population to make money for the owners. Scammers. The divorce rate is 50%VB in the US and 75% in California. Marriage isn’t working anymore. They call it holy matrimony but over 50% of the people involved promised God that they would stay together til death parted them. Then they got divorced. Get real.

    1. sablegsd says

      You should have paid attention to the last line. They have already corrupted the word gay. Marriage is between a man and a women. Call it queeriage. Call it rainbowaige. Because it’s not marriage. Gee, the owners of walmart want to make money, how horrible of them. One big reason wages are suppressed is because of the illegal alien invaders that do work. Of course most of them just set up baby anchor stations to get every bit of welfare they can.

    2. Melody Warbington says

      Your 50% claim is bogus. While still too high, the actual rate is closer to 30%.

  14. shelley says

    Great article. Unable to share on twitter. This share/ twitter button is undefined.

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