Global Warming Not Happening: Women and Minorities Hit Hardest

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When you falsify past data to predict future data, you should obey one fast and hard rule. Grab your winnings, leave town, and don’t leave a forwarding address. If you fail to do that, expect consequences, because the fit is eventually going to hit the shan.

Welcome to Consequences.

It turns out that there has been no observed Global Warming in the last 20 years. The IPCC (the UN, in other words) predicted sharp increases. Hockey stick looking on the chart. They got nothing.

That’s not exactly new information, since you may have noticed that long ago the crock scientists coined the term Climate Change to mask the fact that new evidence was not supporting their alarmist claims. The junk scientists loudly mocked the “deniers” even as they themselves were scrambling for new ways to explain away the new data. “The science is settled,” they charged. “Why you wanna hate on it?”

What does a real scientist do? He constructs a hypothesis based on observations and on current knowledge. Then he tests his idea against real observations. If it fails the test, he has to either discard his idea, or make adjustments that will better match real data. If his predicted results are really far off from his observed results, one important thing he must do is re-examine his starting point (knowledge and past observed data) to look for flaws.

If he has at least half a brain, anyway.

But you see, these climate fake scientists are neither smart nor honest. They have a predicted result – that the world temperature will rise precipitously in response to CO2 level increases in the atmosphere – and apparently their job is to build theories from available evidence [or just make up evidence] that support why this MUST happen,. It simply MUST happen and I hope you understand why MUST is CAPITALIZED. Because THE TEMPERATURE MUST RISE!!!!!!

So even while now conceding that the empirical data does not show global warming by golly here’s 3 or 4 new versions of the crock theory to say how “we were right, it’s just taking longer.”

Why is it so important to them that being accurate or correct is not even a consideration?

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