From the Mailbag: A letter to Obama

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Obama-Colorado-gun-control-jpgThis was sent to me by a reader and I thought it was worth sharing.

Mr. Obama as I watched your speech, during your visit to Colorado I was left with many questions. I am confused and twisted with anticipation from the lack of sense that was made.

When you said that there is some fear being ginned up, that you or no other elected official is not out to take your guns by way of universal background checks or registrations, how can that be so? I’ve studied history, in every state within the United States where guns have been banned or a certain type of firearm has been banned, the crime has risen to elevated levels. This only puts my family in danger if it is to happen in my state. In every country outside of the U.S. the crime has risen or has led to genocide. I think that is an extremely valid reason for fear of your so called “common sense” gun control, and not a ginned up reason. Especially when you are pushing for the UN to get involved in our personal affairs on top of all of this.

When you say that you are constrained by the Constitution, how is this so when you push to ban firearms from law-abiding citizens? Yet your liberal party has made advances in the position to allow convicted felons who have served their time the ability to have a firearm again. That does not fall under “common sense” to me, if you’ve committed a crime and were found guilty, giving up your rights then you are not allowed to own a firearm. That is like giving a drug abuser who has been sober for a few years drugs again, just taunting them with fate. You and the the rest of the anti-gunners continue to dance on the graves of the poor children and educators of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in order to make your point. You say that if this would save just one life, it’s worth it. How about stop taking away from law-abiding and start taking away from criminals? That would save more than “one” life. That seems like more of a “common sense” approach, than your approach.

Why do we continue to look at an object, the gun, as the culprit? How come we are not looking at the person(s)? The individuals involved with the Columbine shooting presented tell tails prior to their actions, that could’ve been stopped, buying illegal short barreled shotguns and posting videos on social media sites. The shooting that left Mrs. Gifford’s wounded and other deceased, the individual was kicked out of his community college for drugs and psychological problems, his parents took a shotgun away from him for his erratic behaviors and referred him to psychological examinations. He also got into altercations with campus security and other run ins with the law, but authorities did nothing. The individual at Ft. Hood was sending emails to a known terrorist group and was being investigated by the FBI. The individual at Aurora made homicidal remarks towards campus staff and threatening text messages to his therapist, which were reported, once again authorities did nothing. Again the Sandy Hook tragedy, but yet you and the liberal party only label the object as the trespasser, not the nut case behind it. Yet you stood a few years before the nation stating you weren’t going to take our guns, our rifles, shotguns and our pistols and now, it’s a different story. Yourself and the rest of the elected representatives as well as the media make super stars out of these deranged individuals, by making this all about them and the guns, not about the real issues and “common sense” actions to correct the violence problem.

Banning guns from law-abiding and making background checks universal, longer, harder, etc will do NOTHING to stop or slow criminal activity or violence. You have stated this yourself as well as Mr. Biden, so how is this “common sense?” Colorado passes a law to make background checks universal, but yet the Chief of police and State’s Attorney sat in front of the Senate hearing stating that they do not prosecute for false background checks, ATF form 4473’s. They will not waste their time on paper prosecutions, which is odd, because on the top of a form 4473 it states it is a FELONY to falsify information on this form punishable by X amount of time in prison and X amount of fine. It also lists the criminals name, address and SSN, so they don’t even have to build a case, it’s all there for them. Let’s look at your beloved Chicago, gun ban for many years, very strict on guns for many years, yet people are murdered by these very guns on a daily basis. WHY? because the prosecutions are lacking, the criminals don’t care about your legislation or the cities laws. Lets look at your front yard, D.C., need I say more? Now, let’s talk about Connecticut, they have had the “assault” weapon ban since the first one went into effect, it was even more strict than the Federal one passed, yet it did not stop the Sandy Hook shooting. Again, criminals and deranged lunatics DO NOT care about your legislation, the states legislation, the cities laws, etc. This is in fact why they are CRIMINALS!!! I’m not 100% sure why you or any of the people that get elected cannot comprehend this? If everyone was good, we wouldn’t have lawyers, we wouldn’t need jails, we wouldn’t need courtrooms, etc.

The bottom line is this, when Sen. Feinstein sat there in 1995 and said, “if I would’ve had the votes needed I would’ve gladly taken all the guns from Mr. and Mrs. America’s hands.” When Mr. Biden and crew stood up just recently and said, “gun-ban legislation is just the beginning.” When you stand up and say, “I am constrained by the 2nd Amendment,” these are not a ginned up fears that there is an agenda to take all guns away from THE people. Obviously you and the rest do not care about the 2nd Amendment, because you wouldn’t be going this far. You would be using actual “common sense” and going after the REAL problem with a REAL solution and not the object of the problem. It is our God given right to defend ourselves and our homes. There are people that may not meet the criteria or mental capacity to own certain tools necessary to do this, but they still have the right. It is up to a Doctor and a Court to decide who is mentally capable, not you and some legislation to decide. We the law-abiding should not have to shoulder the burden of the law breakers and deranged individuals that carry out heinous acts. There is no legislation asking for people to turn in their vehicles because people drive drunk?

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