Flight delays, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Democrats

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If you have enjoyed the new normal brought to you by Democrats…

    • permanently high unemployment
    • seemingly half the country on food stamps or disability, or out of the workforce
    • stagnant economy
    • black Al Qaeda flags flying over our embassies
    • Obamacare
    • crippling national debt
    • wars on oil, coal, Toyota, corporations, “rich people”, Arizona, gun owners, Republicans, and right-to-work states, to name a few.
    • non-stop attempts to disarm America

…then you’ll just love the newest normal: chronic flight delays for commercial passengers.

DOT, FAA, the sequester, and baseline budgeting
Raise your hand if you think that the sequester has forced crippling de-funding onto numerous non-defense federal agencies. Yes? Anybody? OK, if you raised your hand, you are the class idiot.

Last year the Department of Transportation (which runs the FAA) budget was $72.6 billion. This year? With the sequester in place, DOT will be allocated $73.2 billion. Wait….what? That’s……..what’s the term here…..more money.


Seriously, WHAT??!!?!??

Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation, said that DOT needed to cut nearly $1B. But in fact DOT is receiving a $0.6B raise. Now this is important. He’s only lying in a technical sense. He’s telling the truth in a Democrat sense. If you have never heard of base-line budgeting, then go –right now — and read the Wikipedia essay, then punch yourself in the face if you actually believed the Democrats on anything the “Draconian” budget cuts they always accuse Republicans of.

In Democrat-speak, your agency gets a nice fat raise every year, as a baseline, to do the same job. If you get a smaller raise, well, that’s called a CUT. If you get no raise at all, that’s called a DRASTIC CUT and must be SPELLED IN ALL CAPS!!! Because, well…… BECAUSE! AND BUSH!!!

Honey, I only got a small raise – let’s cut the electricity!
So LaHood got a small raise for DOT, but less than expected. So of that “loss” of almost $1B (when they got a raise of $1.6B), the FAA’s share was $0.6B. OK, fine. That means (extrapolating here), that the FAA only got (in reality) probably a $0.3B raise. Or a $300 million raise, if you want to see the numbers that way.

So I know the first thing that popped into my head. Hey, let’s start furloughing Air Traffic Controllers, 1 day every 2 weeks! THAT’ll be a great way to make up for that $300 million raise…..(???)


If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy
Let’s stipulate that the FAA is having to make REAL cuts of $600M, even though the DOT is getting a small raise. If that’s true, then Ray LaHood is all the more damnable. But let’s skip that. Of all the places FAA might have cut the budget, they decided to furlough their entire staff 1 day of every 2 weeks.

They couldn’t trim back on marketing programs, on contractors, delaying planned upgrades in buildings, offices, and computer hardware, on travel, on vehicles, on groundskeeping and landscaping, or a thousand other things. They had to cut back on the hours worked by air traffic controllers.

So ATC’s are working at 90% staffing, and delays are already happening at major airports. Obama himself widely commented that the sequester would cause real pain to regular Americans. (please look at the graph above, one more time).


Not just wrong – petulant and abusive
One has to be phenomenally gullible to believe that the federal government, spending $3.8 trillion per year, could not operate on just a bit less and still get the essentials done. It’s close to the truth to say it’s actually rife through and through with waste, with duplicate programs, with fraud, with non-essential programs, with vote-buying subsidies and payoffs by the drove.

If the government has to get a (very minor) haircut, why not trim a little bit of that bloat? Why cut into vital services that Americans really need? Why intentionally make good tax-paying Americans suffer?

Well, why do you think?

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  1. Chad says

    They continue to count on the ignorance of the American public and. think we believe a word they say…. They haven’t dumbed us down through the school system enough YET..give it a couple more yrs.

  2. egalicki says

    Well, from the view of the half-breed – anybody who disagrees with his position needs to be punished – by any means available. Too bad we can’t punish him and the democrats and the democrat-lites’s (republicans – aka any other name you can think of that rhymes with wussies).

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