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Illegal-immigrantsYou think if Republicans in Congress believed my headline they would finally stand-up, pushback, demand, fight, filibuster, pass legislation or grow a pair when it comes to securing the border? I doubt it with this group – but let’s give it a try anyway, okay? Some background:

First: Securing the border has nothing to do with illegal aliens taking away American jobs. NOTHING. The problem of illegal immigration could be solved in a Tijuana-minute by merely instituting significant fines for businesses who knowingly hire illegal workers. First-time fine: $50,000. Second time: $150,000. Third infraction – $250,000 and loss of your license to do business in the U.S. for five years. Problem solved, my friends.

No work means very, very little illegal immigration. Done. Over. Thank-you, I’m a frickin’ genius.

Second: Welfare costs associated with illegal immigration: See above. Done. You’re welcome.

This is not about building a fence, welfare, jobs or anything else you hear our Democrat and Republican politicians prattle on about. Sadly, our current crop of Republicans will be caving on this issue and we’ll have Amnesty one way or another. Republicans will say proudly they’ve cut a deal with Obama and the Democrats in the Senate which secures the border and puts illegals who are already here at the end of the line…

But I urge you to not believe it, regardless of what McCain, Rubio, Boehner, Graham or Rand Paul says.

Why? It’s simple: Illegal labor not only provides American business with cheap labor and no benefits; it suppresses all wages. That’s why Republicans have never done a damn thing about it and never will. You think Mr. Hilton, Mr. Construction or Mr. Monsanto is going to write a big check to a bunch of jamokes who are hurting their bottom line by stopping the influx of cheapo labor? I’ll bet you pink slips that the upcoming gang of eight “Immigration Reform” scam will include making those already here illegally, perfectly legal to be here.

It’s called “Amnesty” friendo. When you do something illegal and they declare it legal – you’ve just received amnesty, no matter how they sell it as something else. By the way – where did they get that “11 million” number. Ever been to Southern California? There’s 11 milllion in East LA alone. What a scam-ola.

… Don’t worry, I’m getting to the Democrats – and I think I may have a way to motivate our spongy and impotent Republican establishment, if they’ll just listen and think about it: Securing the border is about stopping Marxism. That’s right – stopping illegal immigration is essential, and after our military, the most important element in the fight against tyranny. How so?

Some more background: Latinos in this country tend to vote for the Party who will give them more free stuff, and that’s you know who. This is a fact and explains why Democrats are so pro-illegal immigration and continually push for Amnesty for illegals currently living here. Believe me, they don’t give a damn about Latinos or immigrants – only the votes. Simply put – illegal Mexican immigration eventually translates into Democrat votes. What’s different now is the kind of Democrat we have in the White House.  It is now clear as mother’s milk that when Barack Obama told me he wanted to; “spread some of that wealth around” and he wanted to “fundamentally transform” this nation – he wasn’t kidding. Why fool ourselves?


Barack Obama is not a Capitalist. He is a radical Marxist and always has been. I’m crazy or extreme? Okay, name me a single Capitalist Obama policy… The Stimulus? Bailouts? ObamaCare? Adding $12 trillion to the debt? Hundreds of thousands more people on the government payroll and millions more on Food Stamps? What is that? Sorry, that’s not Capitalism. Ask an immigrant from Eastern Europe what that is.

This is why the consequences of protracted illegal immigration, amnesty, and the resulting increase in Democrat voters now have become much more dire for this country than simply American workers seeing their wages stagnate, and their tax dollars go to illegals and the children of illegals, rather than their own families.

The fallout from adding millions and millions of more Democrat voters to the rolls is that Barack Obama does not have our best interest in mind and his policies have dramatically put the country’s very foundation in danger. More Democrat voters means more support for the Marxist agenda of this and future Democrat administrations (cough, cough, Hillary, cough). You want more spreading the wealth? Bigger government? More Marxist policies? We only need more people voting Democrat to secure that fate, and I know how we can get at least 11 million more right away. Securing the border is now ground zero for fighting tyranny. Believe it.

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