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Employees breaking away from unions at two different colleges


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – We’ve seen a growing number of local unions break ties with state and national unions in K-12 school districts in recent years.

We-quitNow unionized college employees are getting in the act.

Employees at Central New Mexico Community College and Montana State University have both decided to flee from their respective unions.

In New Mexico, employees at CNM “overwhelmingly“ decided to suspend their relationship with, and stop paying their dues to,  the American Federation of Teachers, according to a report from the Albuquerque Journal.

No vote total on the employee action was available.

The CNM employees claim the AFT was not providing the basic services they were guaranteed, like helping the local union organize and representing employees in collective bargaining and disputes. For what it’s worth, the AFT has now launched a preliminary investigation into this matter to determine whether a full investigation is needed or not.

It seems the union is finally paying attention to these employees. Unfortunately for them, it may be too little, too late.

Meanwhile professors from Montana State University have voted to leave the Montana Education Association/Montana Federation of Teachers public employees union. The union had represented the professors for what was deemed a “four-year experimental period.”

The vote was very close, with 190 in favor of decertifying and 185 opposed. Yet, as Eric Feaver, president of the MEA-MFT stated, “The majority wins.”

Tenured faculty began working toward decertification last fall, according to an Associated Press report.  The professors said that remaining in the union ultimately cost more than what it was worth.

The main concern of the faculty was that the union failed to improve the large salary discrepancy between MSU employees and their counterparts at other colleges, the news report said.


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