Did He Really Just Say That?

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lawrence-odonnell-1-sizedThis is going to be a short post, because I am so steamed right now, I’m having difficulty typing without using an abundance of explicatives.

Lawrence O’Donnell, host of “The Last Word” on, wait for it…. MSNBC, last night quite literally blamed the NRA for delaying the FBI’s investigation into the terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon. Does MSNBC intentionally hire mental midgets? Of all the networks out there, they seem to collect the most asinine morons on the airwaves. I was skeptical myself about how blatant his accusations were, until I watched the video.

I sincerely hope the NRA sues MSNBC and O’Donnell for Defamation. Disliking the NRA because of their stance on guns and the Second Amendment is one thing, quite literally accusing them of interfering with an active terrorist investigation is another thing entirely, and should not be allowed. The MSM has run amok lately, and it only seems to be getting worse.

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  1. Kristina Dickey says

    What an IDIOT !!! I guess we should ban pressure cookers too. Personally, I would want to be armed if I had resided in that neighborhood. The kid was OUTSIDE the search perimeter the whole time. If not for the home owner, he probably would have been caught alive. But no one knew what bombs he had. He was armed as he shot back. People WAKE UP !! Why would you want to throw away your 2A right to protect your families and self? DO you really want to rely on the police and sheriffs when many have been so horribly downsized due to the present economy? NOT ME

  2. Jim Jensen says

    We should all be sensitive as to how Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Mathews and other MSNBC hosts must now be feeling in that the bombers were not NRA Tea Party conservatives. How disappointed these white liberal hate mongers must now be feeling. Be sure to tune into MSNBC during the next few days to see how they spin the news and present apologists for Islamic terrorists.

  3. RottDawg says

    What kind of batshit crazy do you have to be to get hired at MSNBC? Seriously, they have to have some sort on nucking futz-o-meter they test potential employees with.

  4. $14832922 says

    He should have 100 lashes with a cat-o-nine-tails for his outright, outrageous, LIES.

  5. Rockyd says

    Gunpowder is a propellant not an explosive. I don’t know what was used but I doubt it was smokeless powder! So what would be the point of tagging our propellant?

  6. Oneyeopn says

    AAAhhh I so dislike him…they should really rip into him…the NRA is getting the short stick from all the Lame A$$ Media. Fox Sports refused to acknowledge their Sponsorship of the Nascar Race…and now this….this is out and out wrong and evil…Nasty Evil Lying Sniviling Wussy!!!!

  7. hkp7fan says

    He’s right about the NRA preventing taggants in gunpowder – and it’s a good thing.
    We went through this battle in the mid-1990’s, so I won’t be surprised if they try to start it up again. They wanted to put “taggants” in gunpowder in order to be able to “trace” where it came from if used in bombs. Same issues as the background check – it couldn’t possibly work unless they have some sort of registry, and then it would be enormously intrusive, inconvenient, and of course imprecise. Forcing the addition of these to gunpowder would invalidate decades of load development data for shooters. And it’s a complete non-problem, simply another way to harass gun owners and shooters. By the way, at the time, they were also talking about forcing primer manufacturers to create primers that would “expire” on the shelf. I remember that from sometime in 1994 until about 1996 you couldn’t find primers anywhere….which of course is their entire objective in proposing these kinds of laws. In Germany you have to have a “Pulverschein” (Powder license), and you are limited on how much you can buy and store. They want to be like Europe. Same shit, different day…

    So – go back into your emails and the forums (well, USENET News) from the early-to-mid 1990’s and dig out all the arguments against taggants and limited-shelf-life primers, and be prepared to fight the same battles all over again.

  8. $8093868 says

    Leftist Pigs like O’donnel are empowered by Leftist supporters like the Liberal-Neo Communists who vote for freebies.

    I am an NRA Member and had O’donnel, the simpering little coward that hides behind the camera, said that kind of SHI* to my face I would have knocked him on his LYING Communist Azz. These whimpering little nobodies are emboldened by the fact that they never have to stand face to face with those they accuse.

    The NRA in league with Terrorist? Listen you little twerp, say that to our faces if you have the guts or just shut up. Your cowardly stand behind the camera and trillions of googolplexes of electrons doesn’t shield you from looking like the blatant COWARD you are.

  9. John Brown says

    WTF! where did they find this Idiot….

  10. april baker says

    Shouldn’t we ban pressure cookers and nails and ball bearings to prevent these tragedies?

  11. Cindy says

    So let me get this straight…..everytime there is an explosion/bomb blast, it is the NRA’s fault. What a idiot! Once again, let’s not blame the individual or individuals responsible but let’s blame the object used. Freaking Moron!

  12. spyder says

    Lol I laughed so hard when I heard this. Its another stupid liberal putting the blame on someone else to make himself feel better. Using the bombing to push to ban guns is stupid and morally wrong. But knowing the fact they want to get rid of my guns just shows me that they are scared of me and my freedoms!

  13. Don Blashka says

    well, on that logic, ALL items sold in the USA should be “Super-Tagged” that way every component in the bomb could be traced….is this guy that stupid or are the writers that desperate for stuff?

  14. Terry Smith says

    What an absolute and totally ridiculous eff’n lying a-hole.

  15. Cynthia Ingraham says

    This is so sickening! He is past being stupid!

  16. Hoot Gibson says

    Total Loon….and to think people, albeit not many, actually watch this clown and his network co~stooges.

    1. Terry Lee says

      You are confused to think very many people watch this channel…:)

  17. Justin Niichel says

    If ANYONE… even the extreme left believe this guy, I think the U.S. is in bigger trouble than any of us thought.

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