Coburn: When Outsiders Become Insiders

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I have met Doctor Tom Coburn and like him. He has worked hard not to be “beholden” to anyone or group of people, and I respect that.

Trust, in this day and age is very fragile, even more so between “we the people” and our “leaders”. It seems that every time we turn around a “Leader” is getting caught in a lie or a compromising position. Now here’s the problem, when you make a statement and don’t follow through, people tend to get worried, and you may lose their trust. This very thing happend yesterday when Doctor Tom Coburn voted “Yes” on what many of us Liberty loving Americans see as an attack on the 2nd Amendment.

This is an excerpt from the form letter that Doctor Coburn’s office has sent out :

Thank you for taking the time to write me to express your opinion and concerns about the various gun control proposals. I am encouraged so many Oklahomans are making their voices heard. I have received an overwhelming number of letters, and in order to respond in a timely manner, I am writing a response that encompasses my entire position. If you have additional questions or concerns, please write me again.

I want to be clear: I remain committed to defending and protecting our Constitution; namely the Second Amendment. I have long protected the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns. I am opposed to a ban on assault rifles and I oppose limiting magazines. I will not vote for any bill that limits the gun rights of law abiding citizens. While I support a debate in the Senate on gun related issues—including reaffirming these rights and forcing gun-control advocates to have their votes on record and be held accountable for their votes—I will not only support, but lead a filibuster to prevent the passage of any bill that limits the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. (emphasis added)

By voting “Yes” yesterday, this bill that was passed can no longer be filibustered. Doctor Tom Coburn represents the people of Oklahoma, and they are worried, but his actions will also affect my rights as well, and I am worried.

Read here for his response. Unfortunately all I see is a contradiction of his first statement.

When outsiders become insiders, it’s time to leave. That is one of the reasons I respect Doctor Tom Coburn, he has put term limits on himself for this very reason.

Well Tom… What do you think? Time to become an outsider?

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