CBS = Completely Biased Story

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CBSsucksCBS Should really be ashamed of itself. They won’t be, but should be.

For ratings and gun-control legislation they re-visit the Newtown tragedy. It seems Rham Emanuel and CBS have some things in common. “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”. Personally they (CBS) sicken me, and have lost my viewership a long time ago.

Being a parent, one of the scariest thoughts you can have is to lose your child. The very thought of it makes me sick to my stomach, to actually have it happen… unthinkable.

Personally, as a parent, I want my schools Locked and loaded! ¬†Especially if your going to put up signs like “Gun Free Zone”. Ultimately your “Baiting” the mentally deranged psychopaths. Seriously, how wrong is that!? School shootings are a very real issue and you think putting up signs is enough protection for what I hold most dear, you are NUTS!!

To the parents of this most heinous of tragedies. I have prayed for you all, and will continue to do so. I am sorry personal responsibility seems to be a thing of the past, I am sorry that society does not want to hold people accountable for their actions. I am sorry that the school was not protected by armed guards and teachers.

Just to let y’all know, while you fight to make America more unsafe, I and millions more will work towards a safer America. Not by hindering law abiding citizens but through education.


CBS Story here

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  1. jimpeel says

    There should be signs mounted right below the “gun free zone” signs which say “Enter at your own risk.”

  2. Paganposts Us says

    If schools without armed teachers and/or security is so much safer, then why do all the private schools that the politicians send their kids to have armed guards?

  3. JacktheFAC says

    In Vietnam we often referred to CBS as the Communist Broadcasting System.

  4. Thomas Gentile says


  5. $13614178 says

    I haven’t watched ABC , CBS , nor NBC since cable came out , I had ALWAYS despised the trash they put out . I Watched FOX for guite a while until Beck left and about that time , ( not just because beck left ) , I got away from them and now get all my news on the internet at places like World Net Daily and and other sites of my own choosing .

  6. CapNCraigAgain says

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story (er, cause?).

  7. Wrightclick says

    My TV’s been off for 7 years except for Netflix. Most of the TV news is a day or two old by the time it airs. You can get all the news from around the world on both sides of the ideology online. Why would anyone watch a dingbat talking head read from a teleprompter?

  8. Jackson_Howard says

    What was biased? Should CBS have aired the shooters side? I don’t get it. Did you want equal access for gun owners? What was biased?

    1. libsrtheh8ters says

      Using murdered children to drive your radical, anti gun, leftist ideology is definitely BIASED. Has Fox News EVER exploited a tragedy where children were killed to push an ideology? You pathetic, propaganda spewing, brain dead, can’t form an original thought leftists are CONSTANTLY saying Fox News lies but can you give me ONE example? The rest of the Communist news community LIES CONSTANTLY as well as spins & covers up the NUMEROUS SCANDALS of the ObaMAO admin. including Benghazi where FOUR AMERICAN CITIZENS WERE MURDERED! DEFEND THAT!

      1. Jackson_Howard says

        Wow, what a rant. I thought we were discussing CBS? Did I miss something here?

  9. Judith Bailey says

    Havent watched that for years. Only station I watch for my fair and balanced news is Fox News.

  10. Retired MSgt USAF says

    What ever happened to the “Networks” having their own reporters who go out and find the truth? They used to at least try to do it and just report it without spin. It pretty much stopped after Nixon resigned. There has been nothing but bias ever since then. CNN was pretty good when it first started, but they have gone the way of the Gooney Bird. ABC, NBC, CBS are all so far to the left that they cannot even see that they are reporting only one side of the story and that side is not even the truth. Don’t even get me started with MSNBC they are just a bunch of fools using Microsoft’s money to even stay on the air. No wonder Fox News beats all of them in the Ratings.

    1. Dana Preston says

      Answer to “What ever happened to the Networks…….? It’s from the LIBERAL Professors and ‘The Communist Party USA’ that infiltrated the Colleges FIRST.

  11. Stephen N Russell says

    Sometimes see 60 Min TV but never CBS News, though mom watches The Early Show Sunday AM,
    Otherwise No CBS TV
    Last show I saw on network was ABC TV The Last Resort till Jan 13.

  12. Bob says

    …And in America’s current JU$T U$ system, the latter day cash crop of “judges” would condemn the parents for having the kids in the schools at the time and the kids themselves for being there in the first place…always remember that in the current far from brave but plenty new world of America, the first and foremost perpetrators in any crime are the victims—-for theirs is the crime of merely being there.

  13. Frank W Brown says

    Sadly, cbs is not alone, nbc being known to just NOT report a story, the rest of the alphabet just toe the liberal line!

  14. stephanie wilson says


  15. Bananahanacana says

    You may have noticed parents who were key visible figures early on in Sandy Hook were not present there. Ever wonder why?

  16. WhiteFalcon says

    CBS=Complete B.S.

  17. 2War Abn Vet says

    CBS recently put on an Amazing Race segment replete with Communist songs, and featuring a downed B-52 in Hanoi.

  18. Richard Helsel says

    What is realy sad is the fact that the entire progressive media has been like this for a very long time but their Marxist ideals and support are just now being exposed. If people would have known back then what the informed person knows today, I think we might be having a whole different conversation today.Of course ,this is just what “I” think. What do “you” think?

  19. Steven Newman says

    CBS…Communist Broadcasting System. ABC…..Alinsky Broadcasting Corp. MSNBC….MetroSexual Nuanced Broadcasting Corp. CNN…..Communist News Now.

  20. wellduh says

    Anyone ever hear of this guy before an election?

  21. Our Gamehenge says

    Banks have armed guards. Are our “elected” officials telling us that our children are worth less than paper?

    I too have a kid, her school does have one or two active LEO on duty all day.

    I’d rather the legislated murder zones “Gun Free Zone” entire legislation be repealed so law abiding teachers and staff be able to PROTECT our children from massacres happening.

  22. Robert Anderson Sr says

    Huff.Post, CBS,CNN ,MSNBC all are LIBERAL COMMUNIST run News agencies KISSING the FAKES as— !!!! When are the REAL POLITICIANS going to stand up ? IF we have any ?

    1. Bob says

      We don’t —-completely out of stock since the 1930s.

  23. busyboots says

    CBS = Communist Broadcasting System

  24. Bob Hauser says

    It’s called CBS because when you turn it on, that’s all you will ever C…BS.

  25. Striker says

    They ran it on Huffington Post as well. They just wont stop. If Adam L wanted 15 Min. of fame. He sure got his “money’s worth”.

    1. Robert Anderson Sr says

      Sadly-His mother had more problems than him !!

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