Boston bombers were Islamists: media distraught it was not Tea Party

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Overnight and this morning, the case has been cracked. Suspect #1 died following exchanges with police, possibly by blowing himself up. Suspect #2 is either cornered or at large, depending on who you listen to [betting tip – go against whatever CNN is saying today, they’re getting everything wrong all week].

They are Chechnyan-born (or parts near there, that seems to be in dispute) brothers who have lived and gone to school in Boston for at least a decade. Evidence is rapidly mounting that they are radicalized Islamists. I hope they both die slow and painful deaths.

I am certain that the prominent national media will never apologize to the Tea Party movement, or to conservatives, for casting aspersions, for outright lies about how most domestic terrorism is perpetrated by right-side [imagined] “extremists”, for thinking and acting as if the real threat to America is the Constitution, and those who love it.

They should aplogize. Times a million. Because they do that every time, and they do it with specific malice.

I’m certain that small-time Slate writer David Sirota doesn’t even think he did anything wrong by writing that he hoped the bombers where white Americans.

He should apologize, and possibly deport himself to France. He’ll do neither.

Even now they’re trying desperately to spin this in the left’s favor. Currently they’re reporting that Suspect #2 is carrying an “assault rifle”. Yes, and I bet they think it’s fully automatic. I bet they’re even looking to see if there are any Tea Party cells in Chechnya…[I kid, I kid…..maybe]

The media are certainly going to try to spin this into an argument for more gun control and less border control. Yeah I know, I think it’s nonsensical too.

Since I know the dedicated propaganda machine that is the American media will never walk back any of it, I want to be the first to offer them my one-finger salute for a smear job well done.

And in all seriousness, I and all faithful Americans lift up continued prayers and thoughts for the victims, their families and loved ones, and for the city of Boston.

I also pray that the nation will be ever vigilant against our mortal enemies.

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