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Jane Fonda recently announced on the Oprah Winfrey Network; “I made one unforgivable mistake when I was in North Vietnam…” This of course was in reference to her infamous trip in 1972 where she was photographed singing with members of the North Vietnamese military as she sat on an anti-aircraft gun.


FondaThe problem with her “apology” is that she goes on to say how she was tired, didn’t really know where she was, it was the last day of her trip, the gun was inoperable, and a bunch of other tripe in an attempt to justify being Hanoi Jane.


I’m sick of it. Jane Fonda is rich, beloved by many, showered with accolades her entire career, and maybe the hottest woman in her age class. Now forty years later, she claims she’ll “go to her grave” with her “unforgiveable mistake…”

Ms. Fonda. You are forgiven. Now shut up.


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