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And Then There Were Eight…


Feinstein takes on two Amendments in 2 minutes

Senator Feinstein sat down last week for a less than adversarial interview with MSNBC’s token “conservative” Joe Scarborough to discuss how Xbox Live is turning our kids into psychopathic mass murderers.

Feinstein tells Morning Joe that video games are really “simulators” for young, aspiring killers to “practice on.”  This, of course, was a part of Feinsteins broader crusade against the right of Americans to own firearms.  She goes on to say that video games enable the players “to become much more familiar with the depiction of “death and blood.”  One wonders if we should begin to worry about Med-school students becoming afflicted with the same urge to kill…

On its face, Feinstein’s argument is dead on arrival.   The psychiatric community has essentially dismissed the notion that video games have any serious effect on the rate of violence among kids.  In fact, youth violence is at a 40 year low, while video games are at their most graphic and popular.  So much for the oh-so-science-based policies of the Left…

More concerning is the fact that Feinstein is obviously laying the rhetorical groundwork for including video game regulation in her broader gun control agenda.  When regulations of this sort prove politically unfeasible in the legislature, politicians often take the back door route of simply bullying the producers into submission, as they did when they threatened the beverage industry for encouraging kids to drink soda.

Feinstein demonstrates that the Left is at war with not only the 2nd Amendment, but the 1st as well.  Given that they don’t much care for the 10th, and that the Obama Administration has essentially thrown in the towel on respecting the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th in the aftermath of the Boston Bombings, it would seem that the Left’s only remaining adherence to the Bill of Rights amounts to our freedom from quartering troops.


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