1.5 Second To Shoot The Bastard

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You like the title? Ya, I do too. Especially, GOD forbid my wife or Daughter were in harms way.(or yours)

I love the fact that there are people out there coming up with new and good ways of protecting ourselves from evil people. Police officers have said on a number of occasions “we can’t protect you”. That is why it is important that you learn to protect yourself. Just to let you know a whistle, even an assault whistle won’t protect you.

Remember, go to your local gun range, learn how to handle a gun, that way you don’t become a victim! I say this only because I really do care about your safety. I personally believe that if more people are armed, the safer you and I will be.

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  1. dangerouspatriot says

    I do love the bra conceal carry idea, a great way for a lady to protect herself and there’s no way to know she is go a gun under her bra. Somebody came up with an ingenious idea when they came up with this one.

  2. don says

    true true true

  3. $8093868 says

    Ummm …. great commercial. But not every lady is as well endowed as the one featured so there might not be any concealment, ….of the pistol and holster that is … at all. (coff)

    Still, if it fits wear it.

    There are other ‘concealment in plain sight’ rigs too, fanny packs and other similar devices that do not seem out of place, threatening or obvious but hide the fact that the wearer is armed. It’s time for the ladies to start fighting back against their attackers on a broad scale. Running to gun free zones or call boxes that don’t exist or carrying a concealed weapon like a PEN as suggested by Lib Loons will never work.

  4. Doc says

    An armed society is not only polite but much safer than the gun free utopia the liberals lie about. Ask the people of Europe, and the Jews who lived with Hitlers disarmament. Every single country that disarmed its citizens ended with millions dead; EVERY ONE! So it is grossly apparent only ignorant and hateful monsters would choose to disarm. Don’t allow that here! No universal anything; it means registration and confiscation. Don’t let them take your guns. If they come, FIGHT, it is the only way for your children to be free.

    1. vet says

      The only reason we haven’t been invaded is because there is a gun behind every blade of grass.We are the militia and if you think it cant happen here just wait until they take the guns.

      1. don says

        take them they will but by force an they want like like the way we are going to give them up– barrel end first an that end smoking

  5. ort says

    I got to get me one of those!

  6. cynical bastard says

    Love the video’s…Both of em : )

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