Womack’s Internet Tax

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Republicans in Congress have seemingly thrown all of their principles out the window and are supporting a new plan to seize control of the internet called the “Marketplace Fairness Act” – which is anything but fair!

This economy-killing bill was sponsored by Steve Womack, a RINO-Republican from Arkansas who refuses to tell America where he stands on many important issues of the day according to Project Vote Smart.

Internet-sales-taxLet me explain some more.

This so-called Marketplace Fairness Act will allow states to have control over Internet businesses that are operating from other states. It will, in fact, turn mom-and-pop internet businesses into interstate tax collection machines. The sure-fire result will be to put thousands of small family enterprises out of business because they cannot contend with the cost and complexity of the required accounting.

Thus, if you run a successful Internet business, states that you don’t even operate in will be able to force you to become a de facto tax collector for them.

And even worse, the bill will give states the power to audit businesses operating in other states and to even collect audit costs from unsuspecting businesses. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association states that this bill, if it becomes law, will allow “[s]tates to maintain nearly 10,000 local sales tax jurisdictions with their own tax rates, tax holidays and thresholds…” and make every mom-and-pop storefront account for each one at their own peril.

Bankrupt states like California, Illinois or New York will be able to abuse this new power to come after successful businesses in other states.

The power to tax is the power to control and destroy – and that’s what this bill is all about: Controlling the Internet!

If RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only) Congressman Womack’s Internet tax-and-control bill passes, states will be able to effectively shut down businesses that they don’t like – such as ammunition manufacturers – by auditing them into the ground.

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  1. CapNCraigAgain says

    When will we see a bill to tax the air we breath? They already tax the water we drink, the blood we bleed and the urine we pee. What’s next, oh wonders to me.

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