US Department of Pacification

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doed-logoWhat are they teaching our kids in public schools? It sure as heck has nothing to do with reality, how to be responsible, patriotic citizens and not remotely related to common sense. In the last six weeks, the following events have been covered in the news, some on a national level.

1) January 15, 2013 – Two 6 year old boys were suspended from school for pointing “finger guns” at each other while playing cops and robbers. (News Report)
2) January 22, 2013 – A 5 year old girl is suspended for talking about shooting her friend with her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun, and plastic toy loosely shaped like a gun that blows bubbles. (News Report)
3) February 1, 2013 – A 5 year old is threatened with a two week suspension from his school’s aftercare program for making a gun from Legos. (News Report)
4) February 26, 2013 – A high school teacher has female students dress in Islamic burqas and then instructed the class that the Islamic terrorists that destroyed the twin towers on 9/11 were “freedom fighters”. Further instruction was aimed at changing the student’s impression of Islam. (News Report)
5) March 1, 2013 – A 7 year old boy was suspended for 2 days for shaping his breakfast pastry into what resembled a gun. (News Report)
6) A 15 year old high school student in Texas received a failing grade for refusing to recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance or sing the Mexican national anthem. (News Report)

Kids are being suspended for playing games that have been played for hundreds of years. Who didn’t play cops and robbers as a kid? How many of you accidentally shot and killed one of your friends with your finger or your toy bubble gun? Suspending very young children for normal behavior leaves me wondering what planet these school administrators grew up on.

Teaching high school students about 9/11 is perfectly acceptable. Calling the murderous terrorist pieces of human waste that killed thousands of innocent Americans that day “freedom fighters” should be a crime in this country. Having them wear burqas while teaching them about the religion practiced by those murderous scum is worse. Teaching them about Islam in a public school where you cannot talk about God or the Christian faith is absolutely unforgivable.

Attempting to force students to pledge allegiance to a foreign flag sounds an awful lot like treason to me, especially when you consider that the school is not allowed to force students to say the pledge to our own US flag.

Can anyone point me to one single ounce of intelligence or common sense in the decision to suspend three students who came to the aid of another student, very possibly saving that student’s life, by disarming a student pointing a loaded gun at the other student? How did I end up in Bizarro world? Those three kids should be getting a freaking medal and public recognition!

What in the name of all that is holy is going on in our public school system? When did this happen? The teacher instructing students about the “freedom fighters” said they did not agree with curriculum, but was supposed to teach it so they did. I’m sure many German soldiers in WWII felt the same way, as they stuffed German Jews onto the trains. If the teacher is unwilling to show backbone and take a stance, how do we expect our children to learn to do the same? This falls into the same category as following an unlawful order.

It is time once again need to have kids say the Pledge of Allegiance in all schools. If someone needs to have the importance of the pledge explained to them, have them watch this video of Red Skelton talking about the Pledge of Allegiance and it’s significance:

It’s about damn time we take this country back from the pacification preaching, spineless, common sense lacking sissies who are setting these “education” policies! It is time to start teaching our kids why this nation used to be the greatest nation on earth, and why it can be again. It is time to start teaching our kids about American Excellence, and not to apologize for being American. We need to do something about fixing our schools before they completely destroy our children who will one day be running this country.

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