Toure is a Big Fat Idiot

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What a nasty title for an article, right? It’s not like a similar title has ever been used before by, say, a crappy comedian who later stole an election to become an even crappier senator. But it really fits (except the fat part). There’s supposed to be an “accent acute” above the “e” in his name but screw him. Recently, Toure ranted about Dr. Ben Carson on his MSNBC show. Here’s a clip:


The way this idiot mocks Dr. Ben Carson and conservatives is really disgusting. He suggests that conservatives only need “a new black friend” so “enter Dr. Ben Carson”. He quips that the right only embraces Dr. Carson because of his skin color – it “assuages our guilt” and allows us to say “we’re not racist – we would have voted for Dr. Carson”. He even says we could have a bumper sticker that says “vote for Ben Carson” which we can paste over a bumper sticker for Herman Cain, which was pasted over a bumper sticker for Allen West. He says that Carson’s ideas are not serious. He ends with a quip that references Dr. Carson’s CPAC speech in which Dr. Carson mused about what might happen if he were “magically put in the White House”. The quip tells Dr. Carson that there is no magic necessary – Dr. Carson can simply wait for the sequester to end and then take a WH tour. So who is the racist here? A conservative who likes the ideas coming from Dr. Carson, Allen West and Herman Cain? Or Toure, who rejects the notion that a black conservative will ever occupy the office of the presidency?

ben carsonLet’s compare these two men. Dr. Benjamin Carson earned a degree in psychology at Yale and then went to medical school at the University of Michigan. He became the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at the age of 33.  He was the first doctor to separate conjoined twins that were joined at the cranium (Toure, that’s the BRAIN). He’s written four best-selling books – an autobiography (later turned into a movie starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and books about success, hard work, and faith in God. He has received several awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the highest civilian award one can earn in the US.

Toure Neblett (no wonder he doesn’t use his last name) attended Emory University, but left as a junior for an internship at Rolling Stone magazine. He has published five books, mostly fiction (except the one about the artist formerly known as Prince). He was CNN’s “pop culture” correspondent and has worked on BET (Black Entertainment Television). He is currently the host of MSNBC’s show, The Cycle. The Cycle? Oh, that’s why Rush calls the network PMSNBC – I get it now.

To hear Toure rant about a man like Dr. Carson and say that the good doctor has intellectual tumors in his mind like the flat tax would be laughable if it were possible to laugh while you’re puking. It really makes me sick.

Would I vote for Dr. Carson? I’m not sure. I like a great many of the things I’ve heard him say, but not all of them (e.g. your right to own a gun might depend on where you live). Would I vote for Toure? Absolutely if @PatandStu on the BlazeTV ever put him up for the Douche Hall of Fame.

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