Tolerance for Everything (Except God)

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gay-marriageThe word of the day is: tolerance.

Everyday I wake up and I’m told I’m supposed to be tolerant of values and behaviors I feel are not only bad for the long term health of our society, but some that run headfirst into my faith. Beliefs which clash with my beliefs. It reminds me of when I have to discipline my son by shutting down some of his fun – I’m always the bad guy.

Why are the people screaming about tolerance night and day some of the most intolerant folks involved in the discussion? Why am I not allowed to believe in the fundamental principles of my faith? Where is the tolerance? Here’s one: Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room: Gay. Homosexuality. Why are we as conservatives afraid to talk about this?

Most people know my view on homosexuality… I don’t much care for it. Not saying that everyone that practices it is a bad person, I just don’t care for their actions. This is a statement, stance and philosophy which is NORMAL, with no hate involved. It’s just how I feel. Some background on the evolution of homosexuality in America:

While being gay has been around forever, (here I go) it’s not a normal thing for a man to look upon another man with lust in his eyes. Acceptance is one thing, but to label it as normal is where things begin to go south. A little background.

30 years ago we use to play a game called “smear the queer;” a game where whoever had the football got gang tackled. It was a normal. If you had the ball, you were the queer, because no one else had the ball, and having the ball made you odd or “queer” in that respect. Of course, you could throw the ball to another player and the pack would quickly turn to smear that queer, without regard to his or her sexuality, I might add. Queer, gay, homo, fag meant nothing having to do with what you were attracted to and no one committed suicide, got beat up or even called names in that regard. That was my experience.

Then, about ten years later, the media and the ever-tolerant Hollywood (not), began portraying homosexual (men) on television and film as the “Funny” one or the one you felt sorry for – just to get us used to the idea. C’mon – who didn’t laugh at Paul Lynde or Charles Nelson Reilly? And not until Ellen demanded her character come out of the closet (which she was summarily fired for) did gay characters litter the big and small screen alike, whether it was important or not. ( Just to go a little further with this point, Hollywood will put “gay” characters in tv show/movies that are not relevant to the plot. They try to portray this as “Normal” America. I can tell you right now, when I’m tossing the football with my son in front of the house, I have never seen 2 men hand in hand prancing down the street. You?)

But according to a Gallup poll, which reports that less than 5% of Americans consider themselves to be gay, homosexual, queer or whatever word you want to be known as, it’s not normal. What – you haven’t heard; “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used to It”? If you can say the word – guess what – so can I. No double standards here right?

Gays want to get married but does anyone have tolerance for the views of the faithful, who believe marriage is between one man and one woman? It’s a definition, not a hate-filled viewpoint – but where’s the tolerance? Sorry, but two dudes can’t play mixed-doubles at Wimbledon – not out of bigotry – but from a simple definition. It’s one man and one woman – get used to it.  You know what I want for gays? How about jobs? The right to bear arms?

You can call it whatever you want, and I’m thrilled that Barack Obama suddenly “evolved” on the issue, once the Chicago gang determined it would be better for the 2012 election (gays should be disgusted with this obvious condescension), where in 2008, it apparently paid to be anti-gay marriage. I don’t know which time Obama was lying, but it doesn’t change anything, sportsfans. Don’t tell me gay marriage won’t open the door to other aberrations of marriage, because lawyers are chomping at the bit to get into court with their three clients, pets and who knows what else, suing for the right to get married. And why shouldn’t they? Without a definition, you have nothing.

Policies from our meddling Federal Government have done everything they can do to destroy the family structure in America and squelch Christian’s values. Welfare, in the form of food stamps and monthly checks issued with no responsibility whatsoever, not only encourage single parenting –  actually requires there be no man involved. We know this to be true, but will liberals admit it and help to change it? Of course not, because crack-heads, strippers and government dependents tend to vote Democrat. I need more stuff – give me more stuff.

The final destruction and/or perversion of the definition of marriage is next.

Marriage is the cornerstone for a solid society and destroying it destroys us all. You don’t have to look at crime rates and stats about strippers who come from families without a father and mother to know what’s going on. Just look around you – who’s doing better, the people who grew up in traditional families or the ones breaking into your house, smoking crack or taking dollar bills from strangers, gawking at their nude body?

When are you going to take a stand to stop the slide down the sewer? I will stand firm against the arrows and accusations that will be thrown my way for speaking my mind. I will not bow to pressure from media, political hysteria or Hollywood. You’ll never convince me this is a hateful article, because it’s not and further, I believe it reflects what most Americans think, but are now forced to be silent for fear of encountering politically- correct hate-mongers, being discriminated against in public – or worse – being ostracized and endangering their very livelihoods.

I will stand with GOD, what will you do?

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  1. Jennifer says

    Hi Joe, I’d like to start out by saying that not all the LGBT community are hypocrites. No community is perfect in trying to spread their message. Not even Christians- assuming you don’t agree with Westboro.

    Secondly, I personally do not agree with some of your views. Your comment, “While being gay has been around forever, (here I go) it’s not a normal thing for a man to look upon another man with lust in his eyes” make it seem like you believe every homosexuals are lustful beasts? If that’s the case, then I disagree. Yes, there are some homosexuals who are lustful… But the same thing can be said for heterosexuals as well. Lots of them, actually. If you’ve ever experienced how it felt when just talking to someone you like makes you happy, then you’ll know we are no different. No, we can’t naturally breed children- and that’s a fact that will never change. However, that’s our freedom of choice- to stand for our love or to produce kids. I hope you can agree with me that we certainly do not need more people in this world. We are overpopulating the earth enough already, and we don’t need to go over 8 billion any time soon.

    Next, your comment, ” I can tell you right now, when I’m tossing the football with my son in front of the house, I have never seen 2 men hand in hand prancing down the street. You?” Suggests you’ve regularly witnessed heterosexuals ‘prance’ down the street holding hands before. I’ve personally never seen it myself. But others might have- and probably some has seen homosexual couples. What I’m trying to say here is that just because you’ve never experienced something, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen for anyone else- nor does it make something ‘true’ if you’ve never seen it.

    Also, your next paragraph saying, “Marriage is the cornerstone for a solid society and destroying it destroys us all” what do you mean? Was your marriage, or anyone else’s marriage for that matter, was ruined because homosexuals got to marry? No one is destroying heterosexual marriage. Pretty sure Christians ‘definition’ of marriage is to have a covenant with God. Then, what is there to be said about atheists?

    Lastly, this comment- “Just look around you – who’s doing better, the people who grew up in traditional families or the ones breaking into your house, smoking crack or taking dollar bills from strangers, gawking at their nude body”… I sincerely hope you are not directing all homosexuals as to what you just described. Since your article is about gays, I have reasons to think you are referring to the homosexuals. Please clarify.


  2. onemanonewoman says

    This is a late comment, but wanted to thank you for a great post; because, having lived in Ohio, where many choose to be rebellious, and where it takes someone like you to stand against the establishment, there needs to be hope in the future for America, and it won’t be by accepting freebies from an ever-expanding government that mooches off the taxpayer dollars. It will be by the power of Jesus’ blood shed for our sins and the Holy Spirit, who resides in those choosing to let Him rule their lives.

  3. KP says

    Joe, you are a Godly MAN of courage. And when I say MAN, I mean a man who is not afraid to speak and stand firmly for his faith in God, a man who is willing to lead, and a man who inspires many of us daily. Keep standing for truth. The liberal media wants to spin everything into a hate crime of some sort w/o being honest about the causes of what is destroying our society and our nation. Thank you for this post and for your continued stand for FAITH and FREEDOM. We need more MEN and WOMEN like you!

  4. Valridagan says

    I stand with atheism. I have faith enough in my fellow men to have no need for faith in a deity. That said, I myself am uncertain about homosexual unions being labelled “marriage”, despite being homosexual myself. I think that if marriage is defined as a religious bond between a man and a woman, then an equivalent bond between homosexuals should be called something different. Preferably something awesome.

    Another solution would be to let individual churches decide. Some are deciding already. If a pastor or priest or whatever decides to extend the definition of marriage to include persons of similar gender, I say, let them. Chances are they’ll do it anyway.

    And then of course there’s the whole nasty dilemma of marriage being a legal union as well as a religious one. I do not agree with this. I believe that a religious union should only be relevant in matters of religion, and if two+ persons want to be bound legally as well as religiously, they should have to go through a legal procedure that is different different from the necessary proceedings for marriage, and that is called something different.

    Of course, these all wind up being fairly complicated if taken to their logical conclusion. Sure society will get used to it, but it’d be simpler to just let homosexuals get married.

  5. danferguson says

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  6. Kathy H says

    BTW Joe please keep this up, as I think all voices need to be heard. Like them or not, as that is the TRUE meaning of free speech.

  7. Kathy H says

    Been wanting to post this for awhile now, funny thing on this whole thing is. I don’t want to know what you do in the bed room. But I am sick of the junk being pushed on people via the gay agenda. I have known many homosexuals and they are not as bashed as they would like you to believe. But it is ok to nail Christians to the wall every second of the day for day’s on end.
    Funny how it is tolerance until you go against the gay agenda, then it is all at war against you. Case in point here in the postings. People want to have you hide the fact there are others that are sick of the whole pushing homosexual lifestyles on the public. They paint people that don’t want this as evil, judgmental and sick. Screaming things like what is seen on this blog entry.
    I am sure someone will come behind me to bash me as well. Screaming things like hypocrite, homophobe, and the like. Telling me how wonderful the homosexual lifestyle is. And that I am a sick person who hates those who are just in love with each other. But here are a couple of facts that they like to hide… fact one: most homosexuals where abused by the same sex as a young child, fact two: AIDS is a homosexual disease, yes others have now gotten it but it was started by homosexual acts.

    1. wakeupkeo says

      Ah Kathy, I hope no one calls you all those things. I agree that some of these comments feel like screams, and opinions are a right everyone has, and changing opinions always seems to work better coming from a constructive perspective as opposed to negative efforts. Fighting only breeds more fighting, because no one likes to lose.

      That being said, I have known many Christians (grew up one) and they are not as bashed as they would like you to believe. But apparently it is ok to nail homosexuals to the wall (or a fence if you want to be specific) every second of the day for day’s on end.
      Funny how it is tolerance until you go against the Christian agenda, then it is all at war against you. Case in point here in the postings. People want to have you hide the fact there are others that are sick of the whole pushing Christianlifestyles on the public.

      See what I did there Kathy? I work in restaurants and nobody gets to be a manager until they have work a while in each position in the restaurant. The reasoning being, no one wants to be told what to do by someone who has no REAL idea what they go through. There is a reason a lot of GOP politicials are changing their views in light of actually knowing someone gay who IS STRUGGLING with this in their daily life. You may not know any, but there are MANY.

      And finally, your facts are baseless and sound like fear mongering. Please add a link to where you got your information for fact 1, I just can’t fathom that that kind of information is reputable, and fact 2? It is widely accepted that bushmeat practice provides the most plausible venue for cross-species transfer to humans.

      Can you back up your claims or are they only what you heard? (I ask that with compassion and honesty!)

  8. George Eitel says

    Pesky fact: atheists have a much lower divorce rate than Christians. And I get so tired of people who claim to believe the Bible when in fact, they have no idea what is says, except for the verses they cherry pick. If you also believe that if a man rapes a woman, they must get married, then you can say you stand with God.

  9. maxineusa says

    @wakeupkeo:disqus How about deleting you?

  10. Common Sensation says

    You are such a grand contribution to society.
    I almost flagged your comment as inappropriate but realized just how appropriate it actually is. It demonstrates, quite clearly, the true nature of the sexual deviant. Wickedly Evil.

    1. Common Sensation says

      So now that you have innately exposed yourself as decrepit,
      vile and criminal, now you would have me believe that you are a pillar of

      Now you are a heterosexual man, legally married to a
      woman. Oh, wait for it! Someone who directly influences OTHER PEOPLE’S children
      on a daily basis. That is terrifying!!!

      You spew an entire paragraph of hate and you end it with
      the word “Peace”. Please accept my apologies. You are obviously righteous and
      your views and values are above reproach. NOT!!
      Once again. Thank you for clearly demonstrating my point.

    2. 1anddone says

      You are a TEACHER??? Stay away from MY kids, weirdo. (You KNOW your posts are not coming from a healthy mind…) Get help, teach.

  11. Common Sensation says

    Yeah, you are such a grand contribution to society.

    1. wakeupkeo says

      As are you my friend, a contribution that soon nobody will want or associate with.

      1. Common Sensation says

        You are just not worth any more of a reply than this.

        1. wakeupkeo says

          Thanks for judging me and not the content of my post. Anyone who uses the slanderous word “libritard” offends mentally disabled people and also seems to lump liberals together, a practice which Christians constantly not fair to them as there are so many different people that call themselves christian.

    2. $28911381 says

      Thanks for that line, I will adopt and use it. The irony is fine – it have certain quality and touch to it. Nice one liner. So thanks again. My time here wasn’t totally wasted.

      But: please consider how wrong your view of gays in general are. Of course there are morbid examples out there – so is it with Christians. But its not those few wicked examples that’s important – the behaviour of the common average people either they are hardcore Christian/gays/etc are the important thing. I can tell you/my wife can tell you – because we know the facts – and you don’t: that the average gay person live peacefully and quiet whit his partner – for most of his life. The average gay want to mind his own business, he don’t want to bother other people, he want to live in peace and quiet. Minding his own – as anyone else.

      But what are he going to do when hateful people talk about his quiet life as an abomination against God – in the media? Read – that he should be transferred to a lonely island, should be killed etc etc. Of course he make a fuss about it. He comes out from his quiet life – and he tells you what he think. Sometimes in a provocative way. Of course!!

      My advice – relax, don’t be so obsessed with the gays/poo/anuses. Mind your own business. As gays will do – if you leave them alone. Greetings again from me and my wife. Peace be with you.

      1. Common Sensation says

        Hillarious!! Yet so sad. Where in any post have I mentioned God or religion? Another innate quality of libertards. Putting false words in the mouths of those who simply post an opinion that is not “in line” with the libertard philosophy.

  12. windycitywanderer says

    Um, just because you live in whitey mcwhitetown where everyone looks, acts, and believes in the same thing doesn’t mean in doesn’t exist. I live in a major city where many gays have sought refuge due to intolerance elsewhere. I see men holding hands all the time walking down the street!

  13. Don Gwinn says

    This is ridiculous. I remember “Smear the Queer.” It was not the highbrow affair you describe when I was growing up.
    “You see, fellows, the lad with the ball is distinguished from his fellow-men by virtue of having the ball, and is therefore to be considered ‘queer’ in this respect. It’s jolly good fun!”

    I remember another fun thing kids used to do on the playground in my day, with just as little understanding of what they were actually saying (at least, I didn’t understand–it was just a rhyme to me.) We’d chant it:
    “Fight! Fight!
    Nigger and a white!
    The white don’t win,
    We all jump in!”

    There was no reason to tolerate either of those fun childhood games, and I’m not going to raise my sons to tolerate them. There is no reason to tolerate vicious, hateful, or evil actions. No one is being “intolerant” of your ridiculous opinions by ridiculing them or by disagreeing. That’s just not true.

    1. Common Sensation says

      Typical libocrit, Only you are allowed to express opinions. Only you can describe another’s personal experience better than they can. Only you.

      1. wakeupkeo says

        Except his opinion allows for other peoples opinions to exist as well. The opinion expressed in this post in effect prohibits any other opinion. Yours, my conservative friend, is the opinion that is trying to be the only one allowed. Only yours. ONLY YOURS.

  14. Lucy S. Overstreet says

    Standing with GOD!!!

    1. Common Sensation says

      You are ludicrous.

  15. Tuff Guy says

    Thank you Joe, for an absolutely outstanding, accurate
    and insightful editorial into the what, and who, will truly be the root cause
    of the downfall of the American society. NO ONE will EVER make me feel and
    proclaim that sodomy is anything less than a filthy and perverse act of
    self-gratification. If one chooses to engage in it, please keep it within the
    privacy of your life. Oh, and please thoroughly wash your hands before going
    out in public. I don’t want your poop in my life either.

    1. Common Sensation says

      Thank you ever so much for your help to make the critical distinction between sodomy and sex.

  16. Tuff Guy says

    I corresponded with Joe today about the comments. I had major complaints about censorship. He said they were making changes to the website to address the issue. That is what happened to the other comments, unfortunately. Discus now moderates. I’ve had major censorship issues with them in the past so we’ll see if there is an improvement.

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