The Marketplace Fairness Act is a Disaster

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taxesRepublicans in Congress have seemingly thrown all of their principles out the window and are supporting a new plan to seize control of the internet called the “Marketplace Fairness Act” – which is anything but fair!

A recent article over at has helped to shed some light on the Marketplace Fairness Act.  I hope that you will go read the entire thing, but here are some highlights:

…collection, enforcement, and reciprocity of this tax would be so complicated that it would engender yet another fix in the endless cycle of government incompetence.  The only way to effectively collect it would be with a uniform national sales tax.  There is no question in my mind that the MFA would be the easiest way for liberals to leverage their much sought-after national sales tax – an entirely new revenue stream.


The governors pushing this couldn’t care less about the free market argument; they want new revenues instead of cutting wasteful spending and state welfare programs.


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