The Face of EVIL

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You may think I am referring to this recent picture that has been making it’s rounds, but I am not.


I am talking about this guy.


Do you recognize him?  I know I didn’t recognize him.  Let me introduce you to Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell specialized in high-volume, high-profit illegal late-term abortions that almost guarantee a live birth.

This piece of feces is charged with killing as many as seven newborn babies with scissors.

According to FBI agent Jason Huff they waited to serve the warrant until the Doctor left one clinic and arrived at another so as to not bother patients. Huff goes on to say, “We were quite surprised when we walked in and saw what we saw,” when they walked in patients were “already medicated and ready for surgery.”

His employee, Adrienne Moton, admitted to snipping the necks of “a good ten fetuses.”

Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore explained to the jury that the case is not about abortion, it’s about murder.

While I am putting this together, all I can do is wonder… why does everyone in America know who these guys are?


I wonder if it has anything to do with guns vs. abortion… Maybe if this Doctor had only used a 30 round magazine to smash their skulls, then we’d recognize him?

Read more here if you can stomach it.

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  1. LeslieFish says

    Performing an abortion after the third month is dangerous to the mother, and no reputable doctor will do it for any reason less than a direct threat to the life and health of the mother. I wonder if those women realized that they were putting their lives at risk by going to this guy. Certainly he knew! This is beyond malpractice; it’s serious endangerment!

    –Leslie < Fish

  2. Ted Crawford says

    He was simply auditioning for Planned Parenthood, I heard they have made him a lucrative offer and will assist, behind the scenes, in his defense! Doctors possesing such valuable moral trupitude shouldn’t be allowed to go to waste!

  3. shiloh says

    This a****le should be strung up by the b**ls.

  4. AppraisHer says

    His white defense attorney claimed yesterday that the community was proud to have him come back and start this “clinic” for poor women. He claims that all of this is just a racist witch hunt, because his client is black. This is what justice has come to since we have been bestowed with our first “post racial” boy king.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Of course! After all, if Obama had a Doctor, he’d look just like Dr. Gosnell!

      1. AppraisHer says

        If he had a father, he’d look like the one in the black hoodie on History Channel.

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