The Clown Car is unloading in Deeetroit.

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RottDawg has a great post on this with video here, this post just adds some background on Detroit politics and please check out the links for characters involved so you can get a real feel for the depth of depravity that IS Detroit politics.

OK, so if you haven’t been following the circus that IS the Detroit city government, here’s a quick update for you.

  • Detroit has been under the lash of far left, union-bought-and-paid-for mayors since January 2, 1962.
  • Since 1971 Detroit has been an affirmative action experiment starting with Coleman Young.
  • The highlight of the mayoral list is Kwame Kilpatrick, a favorite of Barack Obama, who went to prison in 2008, got out last year and just got another 20 from the Federal Court for corruption.
  • The current mayor, Dave Bing, is the first mayor in at least 50 years to have a hint of competency, but the completely incompetent City Council made it impossible for him to actually accomplish anything.  I personally rate Bing, who is a Democrat, to be a pretty good guy.  Especially in the company he keeps.

Detroit’s finances have been a mess for at least four decades.  The mayors and city councils have consistently bought off the public employee unions with wages and especially benefits that have been bleeding the city dry.

Detroit was once the fourth largest city in the US and was also the wealthiest.  Those days are long gone.  The UAW has made Detroit an unattractive place to do business if you’re in manufacturing and the city has lost over 700,000 people since 2000.  The once sophisticated and beautiful city is now a wreck.

Administration after administration has refused to face the fact that they’ve got serious problems, kicking the can down the road year after year, borrowing more and more money just to meet payroll.  The city is currently insolvent, is on the verge of bankruptcy and Governor Rick Snyder has appointed an Emergency Manager to try to get their finances in order.  The EM has virtually total control over the city, the mayor and city council have been stripped of all law making power and the EM has the ability to unilaterally rewrite contracts, including union contracts.

Clown CarNeedless to say the natives are restless.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson called for a mass, nonviolent protest in Detroit against the new emergency financial manager at a rally this morning at city hall.

The activists alongside Jackson pledged to file a lawsuit next week challenging the constitutionality of Michigan’s new emergency manager law, which takes effect Thursday and grants broad powers to the incoming emergency financial manager, Kevyn Orr.

Jackson, who was joined by Detroit Councilwoman JoAnn Watson, Congressman John Conyers and a union representative, also called on the U.S. Department of Justice to intervene to protect Detroiters’ right to vote.

Protect Detroiters’ right to vote?  Give me a break.  Detroiters have been electing the idiots who put them in this mess for the last 50 years.  It’s their right to vote that has put them into bankruptcy.  Maybe if you had to have an IQ of 30 to vote in Detroit they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Tell ya what Jesse.  How about they pull the Emergency Manager and Detroit gets zero state dollars.  And zero federal dollars.  Fix it yourself, after all, you broke it.  Or maybe you can cut a greenmail deal with GM to fund the city, you’re good at that, that’s how you’ve made all your money.  Or maybe you cut some sort of cash deal with the governor of Illinois or steal some campaign funds like your son and his wife.

And then there’s the esteemed JoAnn Watson.

Watson interjected her belief that President Obama should repay Detroit’s citizens for overwhelmingly voting for his reelection by sending federal relief funds to help balance the struggling city’s budget crisis.

“Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that,” said Watson. “Of course, not just that, but why not?”

“After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went to Washington, D.C. He came home with some bacon,” said Watson. “That’s what you do.”

I have no comments that would not be edited, and rightly so.

And then there’s John Conyers.  If you’ve got the stomach, you can read up on Conyers idea of legal and ethical behavior.  And if your stomach is still settled, read up on his wife.  Either of them could give Kwame a run for his – make that your – money.

You can bet that clown car holds more than just these three.  Just wait until the Emergency manager takes an axe to the union contracts that have been crippling Detroit for decades.  Wait until he starts looking at the contracts the city has with people who’ve likely been paying off city council members for decades.  Just wait.

Hear that?  Listen close.  RACISM!!!!  The White governor is taking over our black city!!  RACISM!!!

Personally, I’d have cut off all state funding and put a triple razor wire fence around the city and watched while they fixed the problem they made.  But heck, I’m a hard hearted, old, white, conservative, tea party racist.

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