Status Update on My Fight as a Disabled Veteran Vs. the I.R.S.

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I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to give you an update on my personal struggles with the I.R.S., and I hope that it boosts the spirit of every veteran among you! Today, the I.R.S.- after having laundered my Veteran Disability check through my bank, and then stealing it, in direct violation of the Veterans with disabilities Act of 2010- reversed the wire and refunded ALL of the money that they took from me back into my bank account.

I’m elated, as you can imagine, and not just for me, but because here is proof for ALL veterans out there that we DO have rights, and that if we KNOW our rights, and if we STAND UP for ourselves, we can slay even that most almighty of all giants, the I.R.S.

You can read my article that I’d written previously for this site, titled “How the U.S. Government Uses banks to Launder and then Steal Veterans’ Disability Checks,” for the specifics, but basically, VA disability money is 100% exempt! No one, I repeat, no one, can touch it. Please! If you are a veteran who is drawing disability money and you are having liens placed on your bank accounts, read the article I’d just mentioned here on Joe for America so that you can understand your rights and defend yourself.

It is not as dark as it appears. We just have to rub a couple of sticks together at times to light a flame to light our candles. But remember, if we all burn our candles together, our combine flame will become so bright that we will eliminate the darkness!

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