Star Parker: Gun Control is Racist

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star-parkerWho is Star Parker? She is the founder and president of the non-profit group CURE (Center for Urban Renewal and Education). The mission of CURE is to promote faith and personal responsibility in order to restore dignity and fight poverty. But she also ran for Congress in 2010. I really thought she’d win, but she was lambasted by the media because she suffers from a condition known as “smart, informed, black conservative”. This condition is often politically fatal, which is a real shame. She would have been a superb and outspoken Representative.

Check out this 30-second ad that Star created. Images of the KKK and a lynching. Pretty scary isn’t it? But it is powerful. I love the quote from Star in the video: “Taking guns from the law abiding many puts too much power in the hands of an ill-intentioned few”. This is an ad for CURE’s Never Again campaign.

The campaign’s website mentions the Black Codes, but doesn’t explain what they are, and I confess that I didn’t know about them till I did a bit of research. The Black Codes were laws passed by various southern states after the Civil War that limited the civil rights of the newly-freed blacks (who were not yet citizens). Blacks were not allowed to vote or learn to read, but they were forced to sign yearly labor contracts with plantation owners. Some of these codes prohibited freed blacks from owning firearms and others required them to obtain licenses in order to carry or possess firearms and some types of knives. There is an extensive and outstanding article about the history of racism in many gun control laws that is really worth reading.

So are there other black conservatives that understand this part of history? Yes, there are. Here’s another three minute video that you have to see:

Notice that these individuals thank the NRA for its efforts to assist freed blacks claim their second amendment rights to carry and possess firearms so that they could defend themselves against the KKK (which was founded in 1866 – hmmm… 1866? Wonder why KKK was founded then?)

I am so sick of the ultra-liberal media pushing the idea that conservatives are racist! Somehow we have allowed the left to redefine history. Which side was AGAINST civil rights? The Democrats! But the story today seems to be that conservatives are the group that has tried to suppress minorities when the opposite is true. I only hope that we can try to turn this around and reclaim history. One story at a time.


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