Shotgun Joe Biden living it up on my tab

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One night’s hotel bill in London: $459,388.65
One night’s hotel bill in Paris: $585,000.50

In the fifth year of their “do whatever I want” tinpot dictatorship and Arab world apology tour, we’ve gotten inured to the revolting level of imperial impudence we get from President SCOAMF and the First Cow, particularly the way they spend our money for their personal recreation: their vacations to exclusive high-end resorts with separate flights; the 5-star hotel accomodations for them and their 200 favorite friends; the 60-limo (I exaggerate…I think) flotillas to take Obama to his golf outings at Bethesda. His travels on official state business are no less extravagant.

We’ve seen some dollar signs on many of these, I say we’ve gotten inured to this sort of thing. Hardened. That doesn’t mean we accept it. But at least Obama is the guy signing legislation, and ostensibly performing official government functions.

Vice President Joe Biden, however, has no value past being the presidential whoopee cushion. This guy: has told racist jokes in public; has recently made stupid comments about using a shotgun to scare off intruders or shoot them through the front door; has not held a private sector job since Nixon was president; has told a crippled guy to stand up so people could clap for him; and according to him, has known 3 United States presidents intimately, a trick even Marilyn Monroe didn’t pull off.

biden_stupid_look So in early February, Shotgun Joe was dispatched to Europe to meet with heads of state of Great Britain, France, and Germany, to meet with representatives from Russia and Syria, and to make a presentation at the Munich Security Conference. There seems to have been no great purpose (even the UK Guardian asked “Why is he coming?”), although I’ll stipulate that administration face time with our European allies is a necessary and important thing in its own right. I’ll further stipulate that VPOTUS is a high-value terrorist target that merits a substantial security presence, and that a diplomatic trip involves bringing experts, advisors, and probably assistants to tie his shoes, and wipe his chin when he eats his Spaghettios.

But Joe. Really? Two nights in hotels and over $1 million price tag?

Keep in mind, that’s not the price of the trip. That’s not flight time, that’s not salaries for anybody on the trip, that’s not even every hotel he stayed in. That’s 2 nights, two 5-star hotels, $1 million. I worked extremely hard to pay for this imperial pleasure, so this fat self-serving troll could live it up and spare no expense, while America’s government debt is rocketing into orbit.

There comes an end to this sort of behavior, Joe. Read your history. Read your French history.

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