SCCY Industries, a 9mm Worth More Than Its Price Tag

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SCCY (Aim pic)

In mid-2012 I was bored and on one of my favorite websites (  I am always curious to see what is new out there in the industry and Aim usually delivers.  I was scanning through the new handguns they had in stock and my eyes caught a handgun I hadn’t heard of, a SCCY CPX-2 9mm.  This Zytel-polymer frame handgun holds 10 rds of 9mm and was only $239 with free shipping (you can still buy them today for around $299).  To say the least, I was curious.

Now a quick history, SCCY was known as SKYY when they started in 2005.  However, the SKYY Vodka folks took issue with the similarity in names, so a compromise was reached and “SKYY Industries” became “SCCY Industries.”  After I saw the SCCY on Aim’s website I decided to see if anyone knew anything about them.  I stumbled across Rich’s review from (The SCCY CPX-2: A Lot Of Gun For The Money) and was very impressed.  He beat this thing up, dropping it on concrete and even shooting Russian steel-cased 9mm through it.  His final review, “great gun for the money.”  All the other reviews I read echoed similar comments.

So, I bought one and I’ve got to tell you, for the cost, this compact, double-action 9mm really delivers.  I’ve shot several hundred rounds through it and not one jam.  HP/FMJ, it handles it all (it does say not to shoot +P rounds in it, so I didn’t).  It’s also accurate and has a lifetime warranty that follows the gun, not the owner.  My only gripe was that some of the edges of the Zytel-polymer frame were pretty sharp and the trigger reset is a little longer than I’d like in a double-action handgun.  A quick flick of the file fixed the sharp edges.  SCCY’s owner told me that the newer models will have more rounded edges and a shorter reset.

I was looking for a low-cost/high quality handgun and I found a low-cost/high quality/very reliable CCW handgun in the SCCY CPX-2.  If you buy one, I know you won’t be disappointed.


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