Progressives fighting progress

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1339633988056-1586849680Station4News posted this and I had to share it because, well… it’s enjoyable to turn a liberals argument upside down on them.  It’s abundantly clear that progressives only want progress on their terms.

Liberals are constantly describing gun conservatives as stuck in the past. Conservatives are labeled as the enemies of progress by the liberals. Yet in regards to the AR-15 for self defense purposes, the liberals are remarkably anti-progress.

Let’s dissect how a liberal argues against an AR-15 for self defense purposes. Get ready for some amusing irony.

Liberals like to speak of the olden days. Yes back in the founding of our country people only had weapons that could fire a round at a time. Liberals argue that since our founders didn’t envision an AR-15, possession of one is not a right.

As our friend Matt says, “why should I have anything less than the best tool for the job? The object in self-defense is to win the fight, not to fight fair.”  The AR-15 is undoubtedly a great tool and must not be taken out of the hands of sane law-abiding citizen.

You can get the full story over at Station4News.

And don’t forget, Joe is giving away a free AR-15!

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