Pioneers of the Future vs Prisoners of the Past

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The following conversation took place on the Sean Hannity Show
HANNITY: You know, is this, you feel and I tell you the e-mails came flying in. Twitter was going nuts. I felt the momentum shift between — and we’ll talk about this in the next segment about sequestration, the president overreaching, his apocalyptic talk, between that and Rand Paul. I just felt a shift. You can feel it. Did you feel that or —

GINGRICH: And I just wrote in a newsletter at entitled “Pioneers of the Future versus Prisoners of the Past.” I think you just described a situation where you clearly have Rand Paul and others who are the pioneers of the future and unfortunately some former leaders who have become prisoners of the past in a way that becomes really pretty embarrassingly obvious in some of these exchanges.

While Newt was referring to older members of the Senate as prisoners of the past, let’s examine the three youngest Republican and three youngest Democrat senators.

Pioneers of the Future

As of March 8, 2013 Ted Cruz is 42 years 76 days, Marco Rubio is 41 years 282 days, and Mike Lee is 41 years 277 days. They each had to fight with grassroots support the Republican establishment’s candidate in primary battles. They each have butted heads with their Republican establishment colleagues in the US Senate. All three of them have the courage and confidence in their beliefs to fight for them. All three take their oath to defend and protect the constitution quite seriously. They also grasp the concept that the legislative branch is equal in power with the executive branch, and that asserting their rights as the legislative branch to be a check on the executive branch transcends political party. They all three understand some beliefs in due process and protecting and defending the Bill of Rights can not be compromised. They each are quite knowledgable about the actual enumerated powers written into Article 1 of the constitution for the Congress, Article 2 for the President, and Article 3 for the Judiciary. They understand that you don’t have to wait around for group think and the leadership to tell you what to do. You can get up and you can change things.

Prisoners of the Past

As of March 8, 2013 Martin Heinrich is 41 years 142 days, Brian Schatz is 40 years 139 days, and Chris Murphy is 39 years 217 days. Martin Heinrich and Chris Murphy are establisment Democrats who previously served in the US House. Brian Schatz is an establishment Democrat appointed to the seat by Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie. He had previouly been elected Lt Gov. of Hawaii, and served as chairman of the Democratic Party of Hawaii. None of these three have ever butted heads with an establishment Democrat, and they all believe that the power of their political party is more important than the legislative branch of government. They all want to tax more and to spend more to promote “green energy.” Chris Murphy of Connecticut wants the Texas Motor Speedway to find another name for their NASCAR race than the NRA 500.

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