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I give Barack Obama credit for exactly one thing: He woke us up.

Government is defined as a system of ruling and controlling people, and the key word here is control. I’ve never been able to figure this out, but there’s a big group of people who want to control other people – and I don’t know why. And for the past 50 years, that group trying to tell you and I what to do and where to do it, has been getting bigger and more controlling – that’s my experience. Think about it – is there anything you do without a regulation, rule or government official telling you how you can or can’t do it that way?

Over time, they’ve been slowly skulking into your life to the point where now, its just nuts. You can’t buy a soda bigger than 16 ounces? What? Thousands upon thousands of new rules and regulations on what kind of car you can drive, what you can build – the EPA even tried to regulate how much dust you could kick up while plowing your field. YOUR FIELD! Your dust! Your land! Sounds like a bad movie, but they’d regulate the size and smell of road apples if they could. Actually, so would I, so maybe that’s a bad example… But anywhoozer, all we really want to do is hang out with family, work hard, start a business, have a barbecue, maybe go on vacation a couple weeks. I don’t ask much, but there’s the government in my business every moment of the day, with their slimy, corrupt little hands, taxing it and regulating it and slowing it down and screwing it up.

How did we get here? I’ll tell you how – we stopped paying attention and let these needle nosed freaks actually get control over us. Little by little, these creeps have creeped into our stuff and now they tell us what to do, how to do it and what to think about it. Now, you can actually be fired from your job, get sued, and have your life ruined for saying certain words, or making a completely harmless joke. These politically correct, uptight, meddling nerds have now got it set up where you can lose your livelihood if you don’t accept the way they say you should think, talk, act, run your business, raise your kid or conduct yourself! You can’t ask someone out at work without being in trouble – sometimes BIG trouble. That’s insane. What about that new girl in sales with the cute glasses? Forget it. Go to the bar, loser.

But Barack Obama woke us the hell up, didn’t he?

occupy defecateMost conservatives are too busy running their lives, working, dealing with family or partying in Cabo to be out in the street protesting like these Occupy Wall Street punks. How is it that these whining, entitled liberals have all the time in the world to cry and moan about how you’re living your life, the car you drive, the fuel  it uses or HOW MUCH DUST YOUR TRACTOR KICKS UP!!! While we’ve been living the American dream, they’ve been taking over the schools and the media and I must say it’s been effective. What’s worse is the hippies have grown up and figured out how to manipulate the courts, the press, the schools, the legislature and have nearly 100% control over our movements. Just try to do one thing today that doesn’t involve a liberal regulation guiding you. You can’t. I’ve tried. There are fines, apparently, for driving without clothes. But I digress…

And I say thank god for Barack Obama and this out of control, America-hating, money-printing, Marxist, anti-military, family-destroying agenda he’s been ramming through while we were busy with things like paying our bills, going to school meetings, and mowing the lawn – BUT – he moved too fast, spent too much and exposed their end game for all to see. Barack Obama and his greedy, power-hungry minions screwed up and showed us what their plans are: They indeed have every intention of fundamentally changing America. How can a liberal deny that? It’s Barack Obama’s own promise, yet not enough of us conservatives believed him until 2009 when it started actually happening. Thank-you Barack Obama for 2010, when we began beating them back – and I am absolutely not talking about just the Dems:

I mean the old, stale, and moss-covered Republican establishment are just as guilty, if not more, for the direction we’re heading. What? Oh, yeah they are: Less than ten years ago, George W. Bush had both a Republican Senate and Republican House and you know what they did? They BLEW IT. They spent like drunken sailors, they grew government, ballooned the deficit, created entitlements and unfunded mandates – and allowed a bunch of thieves, con men and gamblers to not only rape the financial system, but then started the big bail-outs with taxpayer money! This, coupled with two protracted and expensive wars set the stage for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and two years later, Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, and David Axelrod, etc.; who begangraham_mccain purposely destroying America. That’s right. On purpose.

So next time you hear an establishment, beltway, go along to get along Republican complain about the liberals in power – just look them in the face and say, “yeah, and thanks a lot…”

… Now step-aside and let someone else have a crack at it.

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