NRA Adds a Great New Voice!

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If you have not seen any of Mr. Colion Noir’s Youtube videos, you are missing out. He is well spoken, knows guns and gun laws, voices common sense and does not pull any punches. I was very glad to read this morning that the NRA has brought him on board.

Much of the liberal left points to Wayne LaPierre as an evil old white man who hates minorities and kids, and just loves him some guns. I wonder how they are going to try and demonize Colion Noir?

Here is the video trailer from the NRA site:

H/T to Guns Save Lives where I originally read the announcement: Guns Save Lives post

Update: The Blaze just published an article with a little more information on their site.

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  1. Frank W Brown says

    Everyone NEEDS to watch any and ALL of Colions videos!

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