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“Mommy” Bloomberg: Your Music is too Loud


bloombergjerkYou’re fat, so I’m taking away your large soda…

People don’t shoot people, guns shoot people so I’m going to take those away too…

I’m worried about your “hearing” so I’m going to use tax dollars to run a campaign to get you to turn them down…

Talk about invading your personal space and privacy. (I only want to help you, said the stalker) I mean what else would you call it. Bloomberg by his actions, feels he can intrude anywhere he wants. Is it because he’s a politician, rich, or just a controlling bastard?

Well Joe, he is in New York, why do you have an opinion on this? Let me tell  you why. When people like Bloomberg aren’t told to pound sand, then others like him get ideas that they can do the same thing. I don’t need somebody in Ohio telling me I’m eating the wrong bread, driving the wrong truck, listening to Hank too loud. I have a right as an American to do most anything I want and I’m tired of seeing a bunch of self-important people standing on a soapbox telling me they know what is best.



See Article here on Bloomberg’s fight on earbuds


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