Modify Mount Rushmore?


72595_140191352808228_55214359_nSo, the wife is driving home from work a few nights ago and sees a big billboard on the side of the road saying to vote for which president you think should be added to Mount Rushmore next, Barack Obama or George Bush ( Excuse me? What? Say that again?

I really don’t know where to begin other than “Uhm, NO!”

While I have no serious issues with Bush (not a fan of some of his policies) and I personally detest Obama. That said, no matter how much I like a president, say Reagan, there is absolutely no way any new presidents should be added to that monument.

And on a side note, our country is 16 Trillion frigging dollars in debt! We have not had a national budget in years. Our politicians cannot agree on simple cuts to avoid sequestration. Unemployment remains ridiculously high. The country is slowly spiraling down the toilet. What moron thinks we need to spend money modifying a national monument; one that Obama is likely to close off to visitors as a way to punish America for the sequestration that was his idea to begin with?


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