Minimum Wage Laws Have a History in Racism

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Walter Williams picThomas Sowell pic The problem with using the power of the federal government to ‘do good’ is that there are always unintended consequences. Oh wait – did I say unintended? Sorry, I meant intended. Yes, it is true. The INTENT of the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 that required a minimum wage be paid to certain workers was to get contractors to hire white workers INSTEAD of black workers. No kidding.

Representative John Cochran of Missouri said in the debate before the passage of the Davis-Bacon Act that he had “received numerous complaints in recent months about Southern contractors employing low-paid colored mechanics”. Senator Robert Bacon of New York made similar comments and Representative William Upshaw spoke about the “real problem” of the “superabundance of large aggregation of negro labor”.

Hmmmm… I thought the libs just wanted to “help” the under privileged? Some of the people who supported the Davis-Bacon Act did in fact believe they were helping people. But a great deal of the people who voted for it did it so that employers would decide that they would hire white workers because the black labor was not worth the required minimum wage per hour. See how racist that is? It inherently assumes that the black laborers’ work is worth less per hour than the white laborers’ work. Yikes.

But the racism of the minimum wage goes back even further than 1931. A labor union of white workers began a strike in 1909 in which it demanded that the Georgia Railroad fire all the black workers. The strike went to arbitration, where it was decided instead that black workers should be paid the same as the white workers. The union was happy and the strike settled. Why was the union happy with that? The union saw this as a way to reduce the incentive to hire blacks. Notice how they assumed that black workers weren’t worth the same wage as white workers? Racist again.

Samuel Gompers, a famous labor leader, once said “The Caucasians …are not going to let their standard of living be destroyed by negroes, Chinamen, Japs or any others”. Wow. Unions love minimum wage laws. Minimum wage laws are racist in their intent and effect. Could there be a connection, ya think?

So who are the two dudes pictured above? These are two of my favorite economists. Real intellectuals, both of whom started out as liberals, but were intelligent enough to let facts change their minds. The picture on the left is Walter Williams, Ph.D. who is a professor of economics at George Mason University. Thomas Sowell, Ph.D. has taught at many prestigious universities and is now at Stanford (he’s probably the token conservative over there) and is pictured on the right.  There’s a great video that’s under 8 minutes with BOTH of these intellectuals talking about the racist intent and negative effects of the minimum wage laws.

Wow, two black conservatives. Doneen Borelli, Tim Scott, Alan West, Mia Love, Kevin Jackson, Herman Cain and these two make at least 8. Oh, I forgot. The Rachel Maddows and Chris Matthews of the world already told us these people aren’t really black because they left the plantation. So the left STILL thinks that you have to agree with them if you’re black. I guess if you’re black, you’re not allowed to think for yourself. Well, I think the left must still be racist then, what do you think?

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