McCain & Graham Lying About Amnesty. Again.

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Seems as though one of the big hot buttons right now is immigration.

Just so there’s no confusion on where I come down on this, I live in Arizona and I deal with this every day.  Personally, I’d like to see an enhanced requirement for employment and rental housing, requiring an eVerify form for every employee (an I9 is required now, this would just be an enhancement) and for every resident in rental housing.  If an employee or tenant is found to be an illegal and there is no eVerify in the file, make it a felony for the employer or rental manager/owner.  No jobs, no housing, illegals will leave.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about what’s happening right now.

Illegal ImmigrationJohn McCain’s MiniMe, Lindsay Graham, has been stalwart in his support of McCain’s dream of giving away citizenship to about 12MM – or is it 20MM – illegal aliens who have no legal right to be here and are busily destroying the financial underpinnings of probably 20 states.  They are absolutely destroying Arizona.  Not that McCain – who has represented the interests of both John McCain and the permanent elected class in Washington DC for the past 30 years – gives a damn.

They will tell you that the immigration bill they’re pushing requires a “secure border” before a “path to citizenship.”  That is an absolute lie, Washington style.

Immediately after the November election, Graham called Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and told him he wanted to try to cut a sweeping bipartisan deal on the issue, which few Republicans have wanted to touch in recent years. …

He said conservatives can get behind a compromise that would secure the border first and create an easier path to citizenship as long as it does not offend people who came to the country legally.

While the bill they’re crafting will indeed call for a “secure border,” like everything else that comes out of the mouth of a politician, the Devil is in the details.  The operative detail in this case is that the Director of Homeland Security happens to be the individual that has the power to unilaterally declare whether or not the border is “secure.”  That would be one Janet Napolitano.  Need I say more?  Here’s

Well, there may be some hope that the McCain/Graham plan to give away the nation is unraveling.  The best part is that the chief unraveler is none other than Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

One of the key tactics in getting this abomination passes is to ram the bill through committee with little or no debate, get it to the floor and repeat the process.  Do NOT leave any time for the common folk to actually read and comment on the legislation because they’ll light up the Senate and House switchboards as they did the last time this crap was tried.  Politicians then ran for cover and the bill died.  Graham has admitted they want a speedy process so that can’t happen and the bill can be passed so we can find out what’s in it.

Graham has been pressing Leahy to fast track the bill, and yesterday Leahy responded.


In a sharply worded statement Wednesday, Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said his committee will not make its deadline of considering a comprehensive immigration reform bill by the end of April.  Abandoning hopes for a quick agreement on the issue, Leahy said, “This process will take time.  It will not be easy.”

Directing criticism at the White House, the so-called Gang of 8, and, to a lesser extent, Republicans, Leahy said he has tried to make reform the top priority of the Judiciary Committee.  But no one else has gone along.

“For months I have urged the president to send his proposal for comprehensive immigration reform to the Senate,” Leahy said.  “I understand he has delayed releasing it at the request of a few senators who are engaged in secret, closed door discussions on their own proposal and who committed to completing it by the beginning of March.  That deadline and others have come and gone.

So, it appears that the bill will not be fast tracked through committee.  There’s no victory in this, it simply delays the battle and gives the people who want a sensible immigration policy time to gear up for the fight.  And it will be a fight.

Are you in or out?

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