Loving Chavez in America

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nyc-chavezHugo Chavez is still dead, but Marxism is not. Sound hokey? I don’t know if you might be taking it more seriously, but if you had been in New York City this past Friday you might already know that there was an organized candlelight vigil in Manhattan for the deceased despot of Venezuela. And here’s the part that really should wake you up: the “celebration and procession” for the departed dictator, as the organizers described the event, was put together by none other than the Service Employees International Union.

Does it scare you to know that the SEIU is not only revering a brutal and murderous tyrant, but that they’re the fastest growing union in North America? Remember when unions were pro-Capitalist, pro-American worker, and 100% American patriots? Yes, yes, yes, I’m just an old-fashioned old fart – I got it.

Rather than bore you with all the reasons why liberty and freedom are superior to collectivism, there’s something I want to ask all of you. How did we get here, exactly? How is it that people who live in the United States… and benefit from our capitalist system, our Constitution, and our representative Republic… have come to support the ideals of someone like Hugo Chavez? It seems insane to me that a person lucky enough to be residing in what is agreed by all to be the best, most benevolent and free country in the world – could hate Ronald Reagan and love Hugo Chavez?

I mean, we can disagree on Democrat vs. Republican, or tax-cuts or whatever, but can we really disagree on Ronald Reagan vs. Hugo Chavez? How the hell does that even happen?

It’s gotta be the education system. Where else would someone get the idea that socialism is a better idea than capitalism? How could they embrace a tyrannical fanatic who crushed his own people in favor of gaining power and wealth? I can only conclude that they were taught this somewhere. At work? Please. At home? Perhaps, but doubtful. You may be sitting there thinking I hate teachers or I that I believe they’re all Marxist fanatics – but I don’t so don’t bother going there. I do believe there are many in our education system – especially at the college level – who hate capitalism and despise America; folks, the chickens have come home to roost.

Wasn’t it Marx and Frederick Engels who warned that children must be removed from the crude teachings of the family and “nationalize” them?

Even teachers who are absolutely pro-America tend to be put down, silenced, and have their dues given to legislators who hate our country. Teachers who depend on their paycheck don’t want to lose their paycheck, so a lot of it is “go along to get along”, but there is a widespread influence in the system to raise good little Communists. And it’s apparently working, because why else would you revel in the life of Hugo Chavez? And while we’re on the subject – why would you vote TWICE for Barack Obama? I can actually see why people, especially the young, may have been fooled in 2008; the press hardly did their job in vetting Obama, and many folks were tired of the wars and the spending… so they wanted change. I get that. But after getting screwed for four years, you’d think they would have wised up.

Yes, I’m saying Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama are a lot alike. The SEIU radicals who organized the memorial in New York City are part and parcel of the type of groups embraced by our President. History will remember Chavez not just for destroying the crown jewel of South America, Venezuela, but HOW he did it. The methods used by President Barack Obama are eerily similar to the Hugo Chavez of the 1990’s. Chavez employed the same Saul Alinsky tactics of community organizing (sound familiar?) and Obama’s newly formed political action group, “Organizing for Action”. Let’s be honest; both leaders hate capitalism, and clearly have the goal of “spreading the wealth around” (now THAT sounds familiar). Chavez was certainly more direct and, as far as I know, didn’t rely on a teleprompter, but when it comes to class warfare, gun control, unlimited government size and power, I doubt you could tell them apart.

Chavez hated America in public, Obama hates America at home and in church. Both of them love the mob, hate the press, and use whatever maneuver is necessary… even to the detriment of the country… to suppress their enemies. And let’s not forget – both men enjoyed widespread public support in New York City.

And if you were one of those attending the candlelight vigil last week – you’re more than welcome to move to Venezuela. There’s a 5:25 leaving JFK non-stop to Caracas today…

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