Little League AR-15 Giveaway

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BBApplepieAs American as Baseball and Apple Pie.

Now we can add AR-15.

Actually, guns are a part of the American culture. Guns helped America become America and you can argue that it has helped America stay America.

I have coached baseball for 9 years, my brother for 14 years. We both know how difficult it is to raise money for the league. We sale coupon books, have reverse raffles, car washes and so on. Most of the time we are able to come up with the money to make it work. Sometimes you find your self kicking in a little extra here and there because it really is “For the Kids”.

A community in Atwood, IL. decided to raffle off an AR-15. My hats are off to them for standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights and finding ways to make sure the children in their community get to keep enjoying “Americas Pastime” Little League Baseball!


Please support this worthy cause.


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