Lindsey Graham and John McCain have GOT to go!

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We really need to clean up the GOP. We have losers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham making total asses of themselves. It is truly embarrassing. Not that I consider myself a Republican, but it is true that I usually vote for Republicans. But some of them REALLY suck.

Graham on Paul picHere’s a picture of Lindsey Graham on the senate floor after Rand Paul’s epic filibuster on Wednesday. Clearly, Lindsey thinks that since the US dropping a bomb from a drone on a US citizen on US soil has never happened (although of course it has happened in Yemen), we should never worry about the possibility.

Lindsey, you suck to high heaven. No Jews were killed in Germany until the first one was. And in this case we had numerous questions posed to Brennan (nominee for CIA director) and Attorney General Eric Holder where they would NOT state that the President ordering a drone strike on a US citizen who was not an imminent threat was unconstitutional. And at the time of Paul’s filibuster we had a letter from Holder that basically said “yeah, I think the President conceivably has the right to do that”. Hello!?! Can you say “fifth amendment”? Don’t citizens have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers, or is that just old-fashioned?

Thankfully, we have a US Senator from Kentucky willing to press the issue and attempt to get an answer from the ‘most transparent administration in history’ and Lindsey, you feel the need to MAKE LIGHT OF THIS? You really make me puke. There is a campaign under way to convince Allen West (former representative from Florida) to move to South Carolina and run against you in 2014. I fully support this. At the risk of being repetitive, I just have to say you really suck, Lindsey and I am embarrassed. You are one of the reasons that I don’t consider myself a Republican.

McCain on Paul picAnd John McCain – what’s up with you? I voted for you for President in 2008. Well, that’s not quite true. I went to the polls with a nose plug, and pulled the lever with your name on it. But I was really voting FOR Sarah and AGAINST Obama. So I guess I knew your fundamental principles (or lack thereof) in 2008.

McCain, you said it’s ridiculous that Rand Paul should say we would have dropped a drone hellfire missile on Jane Fonda simply show your ignorance or your belief in the ignorance of the American people.

Rand Paul said that he found Jane Fonda’s antics in North Korea to be despicable but that he fully believed in her right to say them and that it was insane to think that she should have been targeted by a drone (had the technology existed at the time). John, your remarks basically turned Senator Paul’s comments around by 180 degrees.

Who is with me on this? We either need a third party (and there’s not much good precedent for that working out) or conservatives need to clean up the GOP and get rid of losers like these two. Let’s either start a new party or stuff the GOP with people with gonads and principles like Rand Paul.

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