Knives You Can (Soon) Takes On Planes

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I don’t know about you, but I feel down right naked without my pocket knife. I’ll give you a little history. I have been carrying around a pocket knife since my Grand-daddy gave me my first one. I was 4 or 5 yrs old. Not a big deal, pretty common where I come from. Since, I have not been without one except when I have to fly… Drives me nuts! In fact a lot of times I will check luggage even for a day trip just so I can have one when I get to my destination.

A lot of us out there carry knives, not because we are knife fighters, but because we are men. Always be prepared. So we carry a knife, a gerber, a leatherman , a CRKT Zilla-tool. We like to be able to say “Hey I got that, let me just grab my knife”. You in the city might not understand that, but the rest of us that work in the “field”, on a farm, mechanics, hunters, fishermen, plumbers and so on, it’s just a way of life.

TSA is going to start allowing us to bring “certain knives” on a plane now. Should I jump up and down now? I get to carry a knife again on a plane… Glory Days are here again… NO they ain’t

You can agree or dis-agree with me on this, ultimately I do not care. I hate the fact they took my knives away to begin with. But Joe, It’s for our safety. Ya, sure it is/was…

I do not like when my country takes away my rights and tells me “it’s for your own good”. That kind of thing is told to children by their parents.

Well since we have all been good little boys and girls we (soon) will be able to carry very small knives on airplanes once again.

One personal note… Currently one of my favorite knives to carry is a CRKT Ken Onion “Ripple” and for skinning animals I love the “Onion Skinner


Here is a list, and the rest of the story

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