Joe the Plumber Releases PSA

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Wurzelbacher provides options for protecting oneself from criminals

Toledo, OH- Mayor Bloomberg recently announced that we all have a responsibility to help make our country safer.  Joe Wurzelbacher agrees and has prepared a short public service video to help educate Americans about their options in responding to a home invasion. Much like Bloomberg, Joe the Plumber hopes to help every American become informed about the very important issue of public safety.


Wurzelbacher released the following statement on the video:

“Mayor Bloomberg is right, we all have a responsibility to make this country safer for our families and for others.  To this end, I have produced a public service announcement to help every American understand the options they have to protect themselves. “


Joe for America is a website which brings you working class, conservative news from the perspective of Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher and like-minded bloggers.  Joe for America began in 2012 following Joe’s run for the US Congress.  Through this site, he hopes to provide a counter-narrative to the mainstream media outlets and to help conservatives stay informed on the issues of education, veterans, the 2nd Amendment, and taxes.

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