Hillary’s Hacked Email Going Public


We’ve been hearing about these email for a day now and it looks like they are finally making their way into the news…

In this report,

The first excerpted Blumenthal e mail, dated September 12, 2012, reports that senior advisors told the President of Libya during the day of September 11 that the Benghazi and Tripoli attacks were sparked by the Cairo demonstrations and anger over an anti-Muslim video. The President himself attributed the anti-American activity at the Tripoli and Benghazi facilities to efforts to undermine his regime by tying him to the CIA.

They go on to say…

The timeline reported in the Blumenthal memo is curious. He reports the President meeting with advisors during the day of September 11. The organized attacks in Benghazi did not begin until after nine PM that evening.

It sounds like this is going to get good! Honey, grab the popcorn…

Read more at Forbes.U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies in Washington to testify on the September attack


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