Guns and Safe Sex

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Mr. Ags is pissed off, yet enlightened by the hypocrisy of the Left.  I have just arrived home this evening after attending a community event for my City that focused on developing a Business Plan to help improve our future.  The 15 different subcommittees focused on areas such as art, attracting business, parks, and even improving the wellbeing of our citizens.  The last subcommittee (Improving the Wellbeing of Our Citizens) had the most ingenious idea on how to end youth violence, a Gun Buy-Back program?  I sort of went mentally numb when I heard this and I may have uttered an expletive within earshot of those around me when the presenter said this was one of her group’s main areas of focus for which they are seeking a grant.  Needless to say, I had to respond to her misguided suggestion.  So with pen and paper my education for her began.

I find it ironic that we teach safe sex in schools, but when you suggest teaching firearm’s safety and responsibility in schools you are looked down on as an intellectual caveman and a crazed NRA member.   The Left would have you think that the ills of firearms eclipse that of sexual promiscuity.  So, we teach “responsible” sexuality in school, but not gun safety and responsibility?  Take a look at the results of an over-sexualized society and the breakdown in the American family: abortion, disease, a foster-care system at capacity, children growing up on welfare, grandparents becoming parents again, and children being born to parents who refuse to raise them or teach them.  I liken teaching gun safety to teaching absence.  It is a fact that a majority of murders happen in US cities with populations over 250,000 and they also have the tightest gun laws.  These cities also contain the least amount of youth firearm’s training programs.

I went to a junior high school in the 1990s where recess involved shooting targets.  Seeing a gun case hanging next to a coat was a common occurrence at my school.  No, we were not part of some crazy cult, just responsible Americans kids who were taught to respect firearms.  None of us went postal and to this day many of those classmates are my best friends.  So lefties, you’ll teach sex education in schools, why not safe use and enjoyment of firearms?  After all, the kids are going to do it anyway, right?


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  1. The_Domo says

    They only want to brainwash the children so that they are easier to manipulate when they become full sized sheep. Keep safety and common sense in the teachings, and there need be no wackos.

  2. $13614178 says

    The looney left b–t–ds don’t and can’t hear anything that does’nt fit their radical fantasy land agenda that will work great , that is , after all human beings and all their weird vagaries have been eliminated from the planet .

  3. America 1 says

    Nice analogy.

  4. USMCret says

    How about elementry schools handing out eggs to 10yr olds and told they are now proud parents and to take care of them like they were real babies. This should be left for High School students who are at least a bit more mature to understand what this excersise. Thjis is not something I would foster on a child of 10. Would you?

  5. Jim says

    Thank you Mr Ags,
    I too grew up in a small town. We had rifle teams that held weekly competitions. Children learned to safely handle firearms before they had any idea what sex was. Amazing as it seems to liberals, we had no gun violence.
    No one would have thought of coming in and shooting up the school, there was a rack of rifles in the gym and, during hunting season, one in 1/2 of the vehicles in the parking lot.

  6. SammysDad says

    Common sense is being deliberately squeezed out of our children and society. I am amazed at the number of politicians and educators that do not have any of it. We call them stupid, ignorant, and irrational when really , as children, the school system hammered common sense out of them. Parents are the only entity that can instill this so important trait into the children now, thus it is imperative that they begin and stick with because no one else is left to do so.

  7. Harold says

    Do you really expect these morons to use common sense?

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