Firearms Equality Movement

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Gun_ControlThis very second, someone, somewhere is trying to deny you your rights to bear arms. This is true, from city, to state, all the way to the Federal Government. Some of these wayward people have good intentions, but as you and I know “Good intentions are the paving stones to the road to Hell”. The rest just want control that leads to more power.

Fact: History has shown us that strict Gun Control Laws are for the Government, and not the people.

So, the question is “How do we make sure that our rights and specifically our 2nd Amendment rights ar not infringed upon”?

You can join groups like¬†NRA, GOA, SAF, NAGR. You can also get behind “Grassroots Advocates” that have a voice, and make damn sure that whoever you vote for is Pro-2nd Amendment. (That may mean supporting candidates that are not in your district or even your state)

A lot of businesses are already doing this, in fact 126 firearm companies have said(and their actions prove it) in no uncertain term they will not sale firearms to any agency that hinders our rights as Americans. BRAVO!! This is what it is all about folks, and this is what is referred to as the “Firearms Equality Movement”

Let me leave you with one last thought. This is not a “Party” issue, this is not Democrats vs Republicans. This is about Right and Wrong.

United We Stand Divided We Fall


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