Democrats Selling Children’s Souls…

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If there was ever any doubt that Democrats would sell the souls of your children to the devil in an attempt to gain or retain power that notion was laid to rest last week in Alabama. was kind enough to document the facts for us, but first a little history.

Education FAILThe Democratic Party at all levels entered into what should be RICO relationship with the National Education Association and their allies during Jimmy Carter’s term of office.  They supported him, he gave them the US Department of Education.  That relationship between Democrats and teachers unions quickly spread to all levels of government.

Here’s how it works.  Democrats “negotiate” with the unions, unions get fat pay raises, restrictive work rules and retirement plans that are bankrupting every school district, city and state in the nation and unions contribute a significant portion of the dues they extract from members via payroll deduction right back to the Democrats with whom they negotiate.

That formula is being slowly broken around the country and Scott Walker garnered the most publicity for his great work in Wisconsin over the past three years.  Republicans in Alabama struck a blow for freedom and for quality education last week in Alabama.

The bill approved by the GOP-majority would give income tax credits — estimated at $3,500-a-year — to families zoned for “failing” schools to pay for tuition at a private school or another public school.

The bill also gave tax credits for donations to scholarship programs to try to help lower income families pay the difference between the $3,500 and private school tuition.

“I think all of us have genuine concerns about the impact of it, the amount of money it is going to cost. … Taking money out of public education and giving it to private schools, that’s a genuine legitimate public policy debate that we feel we all should have been afforded,” Rep. John Knight, D-Montgomery, said.

Let’s be clear Rep. Knight, what’s happening is that the state is giving money to parents in schools that are failing so they can move their kids to schools where they can get a real education.  Rep. Knight and the Democrats real problem is that in general, teachers in private schools shun the Alabama Education Association, the teachers union loses dues and the Democrats lose political contributions.

The cost for one K-12 student in Alabama for 2009 (latest figures), according to the Federal Education Budget Project is $9,042.  The voucher is for $3,500.  There’s an additional $3,500 that might be available to low income parents through the tax credit program.  Low income parents in failing schools can get between $3,500 and $7,000 to move their kids from schools where the teachers are failing to teach them to schools where they’ve got a real chance and Democrats are hailing the end of the world.

Teachers unions and Democrats lose, tax payers, parents and children win.

Could we have more please.

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