Democrats are like Sherman marching through Georgia

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Sherman thru GAThe bottom line for the Democratic Party is centralized control of the masses by people who are simply a whole smarter than they are.  That’s why they talk about “how smart” the party leadership is.  Remember Bill Clinton, Rhodes Scholar?  John Kerry, smartest guy to ever graduate from Yale (even his grades were worse than GWB’s)?  And then there’s out current President, a graduate from Columbia and Harvard Law, whose grades and LSAT scores are sealed forever in a memory hole?

There’s a problem with all those smart people though.  They really aren’t all that smart.  Scheming, greedy for power, effective manipulators, yes.  Smart? Not so much.

Look at the evidence.  The US is $17T in debt with no hope of doing anything but digging a deeper hole over the next decade.  Dark blue states and cities are insolvent and going bankrupt.  Illinois, California, Detroit, Chicago, a half dozen major cities in Pennsylvania and the latest to hit the radar, New York State.

Here’s the latest in Progressive Folly from Associated Press as pertains to New York.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The New York state budget currently under negotiation may be remembered years from now as the beginning of the end for many small towns, cities and school districts.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had tough words Friday for local officials facing fiscal crises and seeking more help from Albany, telling them they should consolidate services or whole governments and school districts rather than looking for relief from Albany.

It seems that the cities and towns in upstate New York, that would be the Republican part of New York state, are experiencing some very tough times.  They’re out of money and unlike Barack’s buddy who runs the Fed, they don’t have a printing press and their ability to borrow money is very limited.

Governor Cuomo wants the cities and towns to consolidate and they have taken some limited measures to cut their costs.  They are sharing services, down to sharing sports teams for their high schools, but it’s just not enough.  What, you might ask is driving upstate (and eventually downstate) New York into poverty?

Talk of consolidation is just an avoidance action by the state so they can avoid the real problem of state mandates,” said Peter Baynes of the New York Conference of Mayors. “If you talk to any local government in New York state, they can rattle off the consolidations they’ve made and they are squeezing all the savings they can out of shared services.”

Local governments and school districts blame programs and costs required by Albany, often won by politically powerful public worker unions, for many of them facing insolvency.

Cuomo has offered a way to cut current pension costs now by borrowing against projected future savings, but a growing number of local leaders consider that risky and unwise. Another would require arbitrators in labor disputes to consider local taxpayers’ ability to pay for a labor resolution, but that faces opposition in the Legislature.

Despite layoffs and service cuts, these municipalities and school districts say they face insolvency within five years.

Labor unions, and especially the public employee labor unions like the NEA, SEUI and AFSCME, own the Democratic Party.  They are the largest contributors to the party and they provide “boots-on-the-ground” for election work.  Democrats provide union pensions and wages that unknowing and in more cases now, unwilling taxpayers are paying for, and unions are funded through automatic payroll deductions.  They turn those dues around and send them back to the Democrats who provided the cash.  RICO anyone?

Democrats at the national level pay off their union masters with mandates that must be funded at the state level and Democrats at the state level pay them off with mandates that local communities pay for.


The good news is that, thanks to Scott Walker, people are starting to wise up.  The only cities in Wisconsin that are having financial problems these days are those, like Milwaukee, that cut sweetheart deals with their unions before Walker’s new laws took effect.  And then there’s Michigan where a conservative Republican governor has wiped out a multibillion dollar deficit that Jennifer Granholm left the state with and he’s passed a Right-to-Work law in the home of the UAW.

It’s war people.  If you’re not involved, get involved.

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