Bob Beckel Is Not A Fat Scumbag

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beckelandcommieBob Beckel Is Not a Fat Scumbag

So knock it off.

Last week Beckel went off on CBS and their reality show; “The Amazing Race” for taping from North Vietnam – yes, I still call it that – and having contestants compete by memorizing communist propaganda and going through a downed American B-52 bomber. He’s right – CBS and the producers of the show are a bunch of skivvy, thick-headed, perfidious, greedy, cretins. Look it up.

But far too many conservatives reacted with; “Beckel is kowtowing” ; “Bob Beckel is a phony” ; “He’s just trying to get attention” ; “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”  – and a plethora of; “Bob Beckel is a fat scumbag” – and worse. Here we have a far, far left liberal, not just begrudgingly confessing that part of the media is being anti-American – he’s actually doing something about it. And you’re going to bash him personally, just because you don’t line up on other issues? … Okay, every other issue – but still – knock it off – let’s rejoice and win some other hearts and minds perhaps along the way.

Bob Beckel lead the way for CBS’ eventual lame apology and I’ll give Greg Gutfeld props for first reporting on it, but where were the rest of the Republicans? A lot of them were busy trying to figure out how they could twist this into a slam on liberals – and Beckel – instead of embracing what I saw as a magnificent display of patriotism. In my opinion, every word spoken by Beckel on the subject was sincere, passionate and in typical Beckel fashion, borderline rabid.

This is not the way to win, my friends. Keep using the liberal tactic of vitriol and cynicism and we’ll drive independents and Democrats in the middle away in droves. You might say, ‘but that’s how you win’ and while you may be correct on some level – I don’t want to be like the left. They’re a bunch of whining, angry, sissies, who can only succeed politically by deceit, attacking, and destroying their opponents at all costs. No thanks.


“But the media, the media, the media!” Oh stop it.

Ronald Reagan was the devil incarnate to the media in the 70’s and 80’s and he didn’t even have Fox News, the Internet or Talk Radio to provide a smidgen of balance. No one had his back, yet Reagan won because he was a leader. He said damn the torpedoes and took his unpopular case directly to the people and kicked everyone’s rearend. 

Reagan was right, and he knew it. Even the elite Republican establishment did not support him until it was clear that Ronald Reagan was the man. When a few on the left began embracing one or two of his ideas, Reagan embraced them right back and was effusive in his thanks that they could agree on something. Reagan got tax cuts through a Democrat Congress by leadership, not vitriol or ad hominem.

A lot of folks come to the table late when it comes to Christianity and conservatism. In fact, it’s kind of natural to be a rabid liberal radical when you’re young, then come around to being more conservative as you go along. You know, like when you get your first paycheck, have a child, start a business or get mugged. It took Dennis Miller over 40 years to embrace the truth and I find him to be one of the most compelling and passionate voices on the right now. Why are we pushing back on liberals who might be on the fence? Stop it! It’s no way to win. 

Beckel demanded an apology and got one. We should all be cheering Bob and hoisting him up on our shoulders (yes, it might take all of us to do that – ha ha); and maybe more people in the middle and on the left will switch horses. If we don’t start leading instead of just bitching and name-calling, get used to typing; “President Hillary…”

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  1. acesandeights says

    Beckel is a scumbag. Check the Internet for his old prostitution scandal that Fox tried to cover up and still does by making him a contributor. He’s no better than Vitter with a Senate seat or Spitzer with a CNN gig, and what’s worse, a Socialist who hates America. He’s not alone in his scummy ways by a long shot. There are scores of others like the Secret Service and the military down in Columbia and elsewhere. You want to go that route – fine. Be a scumbag. But if you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a pound. Don’t come back pretending that you’re better than the people you left behind in a hotel or entertained in your own bed. He got caught because the hooker tried to blackmail him and he had to call the law. Too bad, too sad. Suck it up fat boy. It’s like plastic in a landfill. It’s out there forever.

  2. Roger Durham says

    Beckel got this topic correct………….. Thanks from a Nam Veteran…………..

  3. Ann Marie says

    And likewise, Joe, it’s not nice to tell your constituents to “stop it, knock it off or put your big boy pants on!” Ridiculing the right won’t work either. You’d be better served by just being a good example of a right-winger and stating your reason(s) for supporting Beckel. I give him props as well…but I do wonder why he doesn’t object when he sees similar propaganda coming from the White House.

  4. RichGSr says

    I did notice that Beckle had no qualms about the Amazing Race contestants glorifying Communism, socialism or even liberalism.
    It was only the B-52 that bothered him.
    So I guess you’re right on what you are saying… we need to do the slide to the right ever so gradually.

  5. Kefdog says

    Tsk,,tsk tsk

  6. Santa Chuck says

    For the most part, Bob Beckel is usually an idiot. But it was nice to see that he finally got something right.

  7. WASP says

    With all due disrespect–the hell he isn’t. He’s a fascist-democrap, isn’t he? Ipso Facto.

  8. Red47 pffft says

    It is odd to see Beckel attacked. He may be a Leftist–and embarrassingly so–but he strikes me as someone who says what he believes and the Right needs to hear it so they understand how the Left thinks and that people can actually think like that. When someone says something you agree with, it is childish to pile on because they are otherwise philosophically repulsive.

    (Maybe you meant skeevy instead of skivvy–as we all know that skivvies are underwear.)

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