Ben Carson Did Everything Wrong

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Liberals are like bad parents. They would rather be liked than institute and enforce the tough choices which are best for the long run. You don’t have a job? Here’s some money. That other guy have more stuff than you do? Here’s some money. Stub your toe? Here’s some money. Forget how to say ‘no’? Here’s some money. Born with the wrong skin color? Here’s some money. You don’t have money? Here’s some money.

But they are the worst when it comes to black Americans, with ideas and policies they’d never entertain raising their own children with. But for blacks, liberals know best. It’s frightening to think that in this day and age, large swaths of Americans still cling to the belief that skin color equals inferiority, but that’s exactly what Democrats have always believed, and still do. Simply put; liberals believe blacks should be treated differently based on the color of their skin – and damn sure not on the content of their character.

Enter Dr. Ben Carson. Democrats don’t believe in Ben Carson.

ben carsonDemocrats believed in slavery, Jim Crow and the Klan. They were anti-Civil Rights and didn’t think blacks should vote, sit in the front, marry whites or drink from the same water fountain. And today, they don’t believe blacks can think for themselves, work their way out of poverty, pull themselves up by their bootstraps or have any philosophy or thoughts that aren’t Democrat-approved. When the subject is welfare, conservatives think “people in poverty,” but liberals think, “black people.” Have you ever heard a liberal discuss food stamps or welfare for poor Asians or any other people than blacks? They’re obsessed with blacks and not in a good way. They viciously attack any black who dares to question them. Ask Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Michael Steele, Colin Powell (until he got on the program) Allen West or Herman Cain. And the list goes on.

There’s a tiny group of Americans who say there is no racism, and there’s a tiny group who claims racism in America is worse than it’s ever been. Can we eliminate these two groups and have a reasonable debate on how to combat racism where it still exists? No way, those on the left say – not if your skin color is black. You better not say anything, do anything, think anything or vote in any way that runs contrary to contemporary liberal dogma. Democrats don’t believe in Ben Carson because Ben Carson did everything wrong. He raised himself up by his bootstraps, worked his way out of poverty, is a self-made man, accomplished, thinks for himself and is a conservative. Dr. Ben Carson also happens to be black.

Whoops. Don’t invite him to breakfast. Attack, attack! Now, I’m not going to bore you with Chris Matthews, Nancy Pelosi, Toure, Al Sharpton, or any other race baiting fools who mock and ridicule accomplished and decent folks when their skin color doesn’t line up properly.

Instead, listen to Cynthia Tucker at CNN: “Carson has a great life story but puts too much faith in the power of self-reliance…” I doubt she’d ever say that about a white. (By the way, CNN has excised that statement out of Ms. Tucker’s latest editorial on the net – even they recognize idiocy and racist code).

cynthia tuckerCynthia then states why the good doctor is bad for drawing blacks to vote for Republicans: “To be helpful to the GOP, Carson would have to remind them of the caprice of capitalism…” Yes, blacks just aren’t equipped to deal with sudden changes or unpredictable conditions, don’t ya know?

But here’s the winner: After listing some of Dr. Carson’s accomplishments – he attended Yale, became the youngest department head at John’s Hopkins and is famous for separating conjoined twins, Cynthia Tucker sums it up for black Americans…

“That’s a compelling and powerful tale. But it differs from those of other hard working black people I know only in the degree of success that Carson attained as a result, not in the measures of ambition, industriousness, discipline and self-respect his mother instilled in her children. Yet black Americans know better than to believe those traits are enough to guarantee success…”


Guarantee success? In other words, having only Democrats in power can “guarantee” success if you’re black.  They’re like that Sham-Wow guy – “Vote for us and we GUARANTEE results!”

… What – you voted for us and didn’t get the results we promised? Here’s some money.


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