And Sean Penn Weeps

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Don_t_Give_a_DamnI post this, more for posterity than anything else, in order to remind myself – in years to come (as I traverse the future archives) – what a piece of human waste Hugo Chavez was, and how not sad I am that he has died and gone to hell (Lord willing).

If the WaPo is to be believed, Chavez was a great man that did many great things for his people, and the larger world…much maligned but deeply misunderstood.

I call bullshit: he was a ruthless dictator who killed to attain power, and he was a ruthless killer who killed to retain it…and far too may people in this country ignored the killing and adored the lies to cover it all up.

I’m throwing a link up in here (which will surely disappear as history rewrites Chavez’s “accomplishments”) for the little mushminds in future history classes; there are more, but this is a keeper:

Students banging pots, and shouting “fraud”, gathered at a busy Caracas intersection on Monday night, to protest election results in the tropical country.

Venezuelans re-elected President Hugo Chavez to a third consecutive six-year term on Sunday, granting him 55 percent of the vote, according to the country’s National Electoral Council.
“We’re tired of being stepped on,” said Ligia Cabruja, an audiovisual production student at a local university. “Six more years of this government would be an abuse a dictatorship,” added the student, who pointed out that Chavez has held power in Venezuela since 1999.


The wicked witch is dead, and we get a reboot on cleaning up the mess this assclown made of things as he helped arm Iran and, ostensibly, Hezbollah…and other terrorists that, as he did, hate America. Good riddance to bad rubbish…and… would someone send the Socialism mouthpieces over there on the left coast a couple planeloads of kleenex? Start with Penn…he’ll need them first.

Don’t let the door hit ya, Hugo, where the good Lord split ya.

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