Agenda: How Marxist Are Grinding America Down

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This article is is important and well written by our friend, LaborUnionReport. Thank you and keep up the great work!

“We’re in a thirty-front war…”

“They’re hitting us on every front…”

“We have no leadership…”

“They are playing chess while we are playing checkers…”

Do any of these ring true with you? Do you think this by accident? It is not.

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Whenever I speak to groups about the state of America, the fight for her future and how to become a Force Multiplier, I am often critical of the fact that so many people on our side do not really understand the enemy we are fighting from within.

While I tend to focus more on the present hydras on the Left and what to do about them, a good history lesson is crucial in understanding that the organized war to destroy America really does go back nearly 150 years–all the way back to the 1880s, which is roughly the time Marxists began infiltrating unionsin an attempt to take them over here in the U.S. [They have now.]

Nearly two years ago, I ran across a video called “Agenda: Grinding America Down.” At the time, I wanted to watch it in order to write a review for the readers here at RedState. So, I ordered it. Unfortunately, as happens with about half the posts I’d like to write, it (and the video) got shelved–until about two weeks ago.

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Thank you LaborUnionReport! Keep up the good work!

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