Witless Buzzfeed poo-poos the AR-15 giveaway

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It’s no surprise that far-Left blogs and media fronts would screech their protest at Joe’s AR-15 promotional giveaway. After all, the AR-15 is one of those big, scary-looking guns with detachable magazines, flash suppressors, and can have a folding or telescoping stock. Interestingly, it does have a barrel shroud, but that would only make it an “assault weapon” if it were a pistol. Mmm-kay then. In the eyes of the left, citizens should only be armed with an EBT card and a stack of absentee ballots, while the government gets to use all the scary weapons.

I can live with their opposition, and even the dirty way they fight, cheat, and steal. What offends me though – what well and truly just gripes me to the bone – is that they are completely bereft of any imagination, any elan, or as the French would say, “that certain I don’t know what.” BuzzFeed just comes out and says Ugh! Same rifle used in Newtown! (h/t WeaselZippers) For evidence that Joe is a crazy gun nut and therefore not credible, they roll out a youtube of a JTP campaign ad, which they title “here he is claiming gun control caused the Holocaust”. Really?

Point of information, pointing out that governments disarmed their citizens before millions were killed in genocides is not the same as “gun control caused genocides”. Gun control greatly facilitated genocides. That is stand-alone, water-is-wet logic borne out by tragic historical evidence. If you can’t see that, you’re a moron.

I can’t teach idiots like Ryan Broderick to think logically. But my goodness, why do they have to have the eloquence of Rocky Balboa? Could we just once get to face off against a worthy adversary, the splendidly wicked genius of Hans Gruber in Die Hard? For Pete’s sake, this is printed media, where you get hours to think about how you are going to write it. When you are a professional, you ought to be good at what you do. Buzzfeed had such a fantastic opportunity to show a little cleverness.

OK, so why not do their own giveaway? I don’t know, have a free drawing for a gun lock. Or maybe a phone that dials 9-1-1 with one touch, for when you’re getting mugged, robbed, or shot at by criminals. Or maybe the winner gets to legally designate his house and property as a gun-free zone. That would actually be really clever, with the added benefit that there would be no gun crime ever committed on your property! Yes, yes, I think we’ve hit on something. Buzzfeed should definitely do that.

I’m certain their loyal and smart readers would be signing up by the thousand.

I am curious on one point. Since the Buzzfeed article linked to here, I wonder what I would find if I checked to see how many click-throughs came from Buzzfeed and then signed up for the drawing? Just a curiosity.

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