When was it OK to Attack Women

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USCODESeriously?! Who really believes that Republican want to see their wives, daughters, sisters, the girl next door get beat up? There are already laws on the book addressing domestic violence. If the (Left) really wants to help women (as they say do) ARM them!

We, and I means us, John Q Public, have to stop falling for misleading headlines and tricks the politician and media use.

Talk about false advertising. The laws that they want to pass will do nothing more then the laws that we already have to help women. How many laws do we need?

The statement below is just another example of fear mongering that politicians do just to push through their agenda. Maybe, just maybe if we make more laws… yeah I don’t think so either.

According to John Stanton’s article at BuzzFeed Politics

“No matter how much the Tea Party House Republicans try to rebrand their party, the fact remains: They are still the party that is blocking funding to prevent domestic violence,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman Emily Bittner. “No sales job can change the truth, that Tea Party House Republicans will relentlessly pursue their war on women.”



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