The Road To Enlightenment Is Paved With Dead Fools

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idealismDespite this notion that we are “civilized”, we humans – at our core – are still animals. And even though we may be atop the food chain (thanks to having mastered the effectiveness of using our opposable thumbs), we retain the very same basic instinctive needs for survival as every other member of the kingdom: food, shelter, and reproduction.

And, as with every other species below us, we will do whatever is necessary to eat, survive the elements, and make babies.

WHATEVER is necessary.

It hasn’t mattered, since homo sapiens made it to the top of the food chain, how it is – exactly – that we actually got there. All that has been (and remains) important is that we stay there. According to all the geniuses that have studied our history, life wasn’t a whole lotta fun for us before we ran the show, and this suggests – to me, at least – that we probably want to stay on top. Surrendering our superior method(s) of self-preservation seems like a really stupid idea… especially when the only reason seems to be that we have evolved beyond our own species.

Or something.

I find no small amount of entertainment in watching the elites of our so-called “civilized” society as they continue their efforts to educate us and refine our sensibilities, presuming, as they do, to be smarter than the rest of us (by book) and therefore in some self-assigned position of superiority… somehow confident in their ability to tell us how we can better eat, stay warm & dry, and make babies.

These “great thinkers” have been busily telling us for quite some time that, among other things, we are destroying the planet for future generations because of our excessive misuse of the assets WE made available for use in the first place because of our opposable thumb superiority. They suggest, for example, that – just because we can make shelter out of trees we figured out how to cut down with less time and effort, and heat them by burning (yeah, we invented ways to ignite and control fire as well) the oil we figured out how to suck out of the ground more safely and efficiently – it doesn’t mean we should.

It doesn’t matter to them that our third survival priority is made substantially easier by having fairly well attended to the other two. They suggest that we must seek “alternative” methods to achieve the things we have already achieved because… well… because whatever we did to get this far, we haven’t come far enough, apparently. Patience, it turns out, is not a virtue among all those smart people out there who know what is best for us without having actually done any of the real physical work, themselves, to make things better… or move evolution along.

They just like to “talk” about it while the rest of us have to actually go out and do it.

They also believe that, just because we figured out how to kill more efficiently by using another of our inventions – gunpowder – it doesn’t mean we should actually do it. The rationale seems to be that, since some of us kill irresponsibly (and an even smaller subset of us do so indiscriminately), none of us can be trusted not to do likewise.


Underneath the obvious foolishness of that assertion there runs a deeper issue, and one that should cause every free-thinking human being to take a long hard look at what is really going on here: some of the smart people think we have somehow evolved beyond relying on our own instincts for self-preservation, and are ready, now, to defer responsibility for our survival to the central ruling authorities… the government.

It’s eerily timed that, smack dab in the middle of American political leaders fighting amongst themselves over creative new ways to degrade the rights of citizens to even have a firearm for the purpose of self-defense, the US Government is increasing its defenses against us by purchasing 5 more bullets for every man, woman, and child in this country, even as they are – in seemingly parallel moves – planning to deploy drones over the US for, as DHSSEC Napolitano likes to say – “Public Safety” purposes.

Color me paranoid, but this flavor of “evolving” to a more enlightened state is heading in the wrong direction.

As if to provide cover to the potentially nefarious ways in which the Government means to help save us from ourselves, we have a real forward thinker from the UK that believes the time for any citizen to own a firearm of any kind has outlived its usefulness:

Stats prove that the person most likely to die from your weapon is you or someone you know. Your wife, your child, your partner.
Guns have no real place in our homes any more. The protection argument just doesn’t wash. While home invasion, rape and murder are scary, very real crimes, the murder of a loved one is just as likely when you own a gun. The stats continuously show that the most likely person to die from your gun is you or someone you know. Your children, your wife, your husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend.
Some would like to believe that they still need them to hunt for fun or food or sexual satisfaction, but really all of that stuff can be done quite easily without guns. There are people who will whip you, let you whip them, there are supermarkets where you can get food, and video games that let you shoot up aliens and little furry animals if you like. No one needs to hunt, not any more. And if you really can’t do without the thrill of killing animals, get a job in an abattoir, I hear they pay pretty well.

Now, I’m sure the author considers himself quite ‘cheeky’ and cute, for that abbatoir bit, but he clearly sees more harm coming from the self-inflicted wounds of an “un-enlightened” society than from those we have put in charge of our societies. That’s not terribly surprising coming from someone that appears to be ok with the assumptions made about Monarchies and public trust, but here in the States… we got over that gibberish a couple hundred years ago. And we did so, precisely because we had the good sense to defend ourselves against the tyranny of those who believed they knew best, in the collective, what was best for the individual.

We all know how well that works in a world run by those of us with opposable thumbs.

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